Your Magnificence


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The beauty of the moment builds as you present your first words and open the way to a new day and a new line of communication.  This is the perfect moment to introduce a new subject and start the momentum of an extremely valuable conversation.  The subject is new and exciting and it involves your personal wellbeing.  The flow of unique energies within and around your body can now be increased considerably without any adverse response from the world.  The limitations you have experienced are now gone and you are ready to exercise your energies and multiply your personal capacity by thousands.

The exercise that presents itself has much scope and will allow you to enter many new areas in your life.  Besides being aware of your true capacity, you will be able to generate the stamina you need to pursue many physical activities that you have long forgotten.  The Magic of your physical being will now come to life and lead you in directions that are not yet listed in your knowing.  The dance of life will now return and entertain your being.

Today you will know more about your investment and this will add to your enthusiasm in advancing the energy movement around you.  The possibilities are endless and each time you consider a new possibility you will see it start to develop in your life.  The many thousands of simple exercises that can be handled by your unique energy system will start to show as you dare to go past the recorded limits of humanity.

Everything that you would like to continue doing is based on the extreme increase of energies and functions associated with your physical being and its influence on the progress of those in close contact with you.  See the clarity of this statement and move forward with the first and only step that will cause this to happen.  See clearly and without deviation what your final position looks like and fix it as a true purpose for your life.

You have always known that you were a healer and a medium and this is true.  All that is needed is the extreme flow of unique energies that you have experienced in the past.  On this occasion, you will surpass all your experiences and take on your true heart’s desire.  This means that you will truly have influence over the elements of the world and be able to change anything you need to establish health and vitality at a moment’s notice.  All the forces of humanity will have no influence and your body will perform without consideration of years or experience.

Many different activities will flow in and out of your life but nothing will take precedence over your prime activity of working the energies and meeting your true heart’s desire.

See your true purpose and push past the barriers of humanity with the enormous flow of unique energies available to you.  Leave all the words behind and allow the energies to provide the proof of the love you have for everyone.

Compared to where you see you can be, you are almost behind the starting gate with no momentum and very little capacity.  This can change very quickly once you see the true picture of who and what you expect to be.  This is the reality you know and the “big picture” that has been in front of you all the time.  Now it is time to instigate your plan and bring yourself to life with every energy possible and a capacity that is beyond the comprehension of all humanity.

Settle into the simple tasks and you will soon be going further as your confidence rises as you realize that nothing can stop your progress or cause you to deviate from your purpose.

We are always listening for the perfect message to send to all of you.This morning, we listened to Simmion and what Robert had written.

After transcribing what Robert wrote, I read it back to him and he said, “That is for everyone.”

Victoria found the amazing picture of the dolphin and Robert said, “that’s magnificent and the title should be, “Your Magnificence”….and I agreed!

I had been waiting for the Valentine’s Day message and thought it wouldn’t come but here it is.
Enjoy the brilliance of this special message that must be considered as personal for each of you.
Love and Harmony,


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