Writing 4-8-15

The freedom of life that comes out of nowhere when you dare to take a holiday from the pressures that you manage to impose on yourself is something to be experienced by everyone.

At this point in time, there is an opportunity for everyone to extend beyond their present position and in an instant be where nothing matters. The immediate outcome will be that there is no need for the chores, habits and duties that you bestow on yourself as part of your everyday life.

We have all experienced much and the only way to move on is to make a statement that will tell the mind that it is okay to let go of everything even if it is for a short time. This will give you time to establish what is new and bring your presence in line with everything that is waiting to join your reality in a physical sense.

Join us to discover more and to elevate your being to new heights where its total comfort will bring more and more into your awareness in the brilliance of experiencing what is a natural flow in your life.