Writing 4-13-15

Now that you are aware of the massive change that surrounds you, there is a simple progression ahead that will enhance the field and bring major influences to bear on all those who enter. There will be nothing but perfection but the feelings will sometimes be intense and your life will be much more comfortable than it has ever been.

As you listen to the movement and watch your hands move with ease and accuracy, there is a distinct feeling of action that is extremely subtle in its nature but exciting to the spirit. What you are about to reveal will not only amaze everyone, it will displace all the preset programs that have been placed all around the world and will settle all the distortion forever.

We are about to level the playing field and allow you to make a difference independently of whatever is happening in the world. The forces in the universe are about to be let loose and your command of those forces will cause change that brings a sigh of relief to everyone.

Look around and continue with your celebration, even when it seems inappropriate. There is never a time when celebration is not welcome and the joy of being in charge of your own destiny is cause for celebration at a moment’s notice.

Those who are destined to leave the world will do so and those who are holding endless gifts for humanity will grow and prosper without any thought of age or capability. This must be understood and there will be no need for you to be involved in the movement of those who decide to use their own situation to bring the world to its knees.

Every time someone enters your field for any reason at all they will be elevated beyond their understanding and will have no reference to what exists outside your field. In this way, you will command perfection in everyone’s life and will not have to deal with anything else.

The world is being formed into the real part of everyone’s life and the experiences are being generated by each individual. You are now ready to attract all those who have no idea that you exist and to bring to life a part of them that is presently unknown.