Writing 12-31-14

Now that we are at a point where the flow is obvious, it is prudent to make sure that you are part of the movement. It is easy to watch from a distance but now it is time to enter the flow in all ways and watch yourself move away from familiar ground. The natural balance of all things depends on flow and its rhythm is now available for you to experience. Step into the flow and watch everything disappear as you make a new home in the movement of the earth. Everything around you will change and allow you to experience the freedom and harmony that you always imagined. This is a natural movement that is determined by the conscious connection to everything around you and everyone knows exactly how this works for them individually.

The elevation of every person becomes the gift that has already been received and now the focus can be moved to enjoying the gift. There is nothing wrong anymore and all the acts that indicate the opposite can be ignored and forgotten as you move with the flow and find that harmony you have always known.

Listen to everything but take no notice of the detail. This will take you to a place where you can enjoy the isolation and still be part of the scene. Your natural elevation will become more important and the feeling of freedom will enhance everything in your life. This is the way of the future and it is available right now for everyone.

The regular conversation created through your writing can now be used to generate much more for everyone. There is no need to look at problems and no need to find solutions. The flow is far from linear and what you now see coming towards you may never touch your path. This is the secure path that has been delivered to everyone and it takes each person through life in a way that is perfect and without incident. What the world indicates can be ignored and what society demands can be seen as futile but the continuous movement of your being can never be ignored or taken for granted. It must be followed and made real so that it can bring the elegance of existence to the forefront of everyone’s life.

What is happening is important but the explanations are of no importance at all. Life will become real once the explanations are discarded and a warm freshness will enter into the world and proceed to change the balance continuously. All that you are about to experience has no relevance to the past and is no longer a natural progression of events and circumstances. Expectation plays a part but it will never be the controlling factor behind anything. Logical events are the process of machinery but can never be the process of humanity.

All that is indicated is in the process of changing and there is nothing that can compel any person to judge the outcome of anything if the most important factors of magic and miracles are included as part of everyday life.

Know beyond a doubt that nothing is as it seems and you will be free to experience life as it has been delivered and not as it has been shaped by social interaction. There is much more ahead and the openings are numerous. Every second must be different and every moment brings something new. This is said to be the progression of life, however this is only a small part of the progression of life and time only exists to serve this tiny part of what can be experienced.

Your vision of other worlds and the unique interface with activities that are not recorded on earth, will now become the subject of our discussions and all reference to problems or sequences will disappear from our focus.

The delivery of all data and detail will be random in your present measuring system but will be positioned exactly to form a picture that has never been seen or experienced in any world. This is the elevated platform that gives access to the impossible and delivers reality that has no need for solutions.

Every time you write there will be a new position to look at and a different angle to experience. This is beyond the regular understanding and not at all part of anything that can be drawn from any conclusion. The outcome of this conversation will be seen in the lives of many and the movement will take on another direction before your words can be summarized and destroyed. Nothing will touch the delivery and it will be available for everyone to see and experience.

Future writing will be different and what has been said today will be applicable for all time. The nature of life will continue to be revealed and the words will never form into a compartmented summary that can be stored under a heading and forgotten forever. Timeless interaction has been revealed many times but now this will be taken further and delivered as a gift that covers time and space and delivers an infinite message, through each person’s communication channel, that can be felt and recognized immediately.

All that can be said at this point is that everything is different and much more than ever expected. It is not necessary to provide proof and it is not necessary to hold any discussion. The message is delivered and recognized immediately.