Working With Your Personal SuperComputer


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Chapter 1

All of your experience has to this point been preparing you for the development of your life into the excellence of the next thousand years.

Your enthusiastic awareness of the fact that there is much more available to humanity than has been expressed by the most advanced teachers in our society, will now become a reality as you adventure into a world that is so close to you that you are not even aware of its presence.

Technology has captured our imagination and has taken us to where we feel more comfortable and more like the being that we expect to be on this earth. Our communication is easy, our transportation has accelerated to where the world is a small place and our home appliances take away the time consuming tasks of maintaining our everyday life. We have created an extremely good copy of the world of our imagination and we now venture into space to continue on another front. Many of us are in awe of our progress and sometimes find that it surpasses our own capability.

When we look beyond technology we are not able to remove ourselves from the framework of technology without introducing another set of structures that have been conveniently placed in our knowing to capture the transition. You can move from technology to spirituality or belief and then on to science and back to the supernatural with all its aspects and connections to science and belief, then there is nature and spirit and so on but there is no opening for the unknown and its brilliance in your life.

To create an opening for the unknown in our lives we have pointed to various events in life and described how the action of your Personal Super Computer (PSC) takes a step beyond technology and creates what is seen as miracles in our lives.

In the introductory mini-book Your Personal Super Computer we have opened the vision of a distinct possibility that we are missing what is sitting right in front of us, and now we will go further and demonstrate what is not only possible but what is our next step in the evolution of humanity both on and beyond the physical plane.

Chapter 2

When we refer to your Personal Super Computer (PSC) we are stepping beyond the limits of general knowledge and into the natural knowledge that resides in everyone. The super intelligence that is available to everyone needs stimulation before it will show itself and it is our intention to reveal what has been lost to humanity for many thousands of years and what has been held in the ethers awaiting collection by those who are ready to live with magic and miracles.

As we proceed we remind everyone of the natural tendencies of children and their complete knowing about fairies and magic wands. From this it is obvious that their recent exposure to magic in the form of fairies and other phenomenon that are beyond our reach renders them different in more ways than we care to admit. In recent times, many publications of amazing revelations and performances from children tend to lean towards the fact that there is more to our origin than we have ever considered and the children are here to demonstrate the new reality. This however leaves us with the question, “What have we missed and what are we missing now?”

Unfortunately, we as a species are self regulating and we have everything laid out for us so that we not only follow the unwritten laws of restriction but we police one another to make sure we all follow suit. This results in the creation of many laws and beliefs that restrain us and take away from the knowledge that we are unique and able to live beyond the framework of limitation. In fact we use the greatest skill available to us to create situations that prove we cannot create anything without some special assistance from someone or something that we cannot find.

To step past all of this all we need is the revelation of our own PSC and the knowledge that it is not fooled by anything that we may or may not create. It is another part of us that is completely tied to nature and the creative process of the universe. It easily deals with science and technology and will change process and chemistry at a moment’s notice. The very fabric of life is in the hands of each person’s PSC. All things can and will be changed as you step forward and observe with the knowing that there is no limit to what can happen around you, be it local, at a great distance or in another realm.

Chapter 3

Contrary to most beliefs there is no need to learn anything to gain access to your PSC and there is no need to unlearn anything to see it operate in your life. Belief and learning go hand in hand to keep you busy enough to neglect the observation that is needed to direct your PSC to be the keeper of your wellbeing. In its process of taking snapshots of things that need to be handled outside of your conscious living process your PSC does not need belief and does not need training. Your awareness is all that is needed to start the process and from then on the super intelligence of your being spreads into the world and manipulates reality itself to maintain your safety.

When we talk about awareness there is an extremely broad definition required. Awareness covers everything from keeping your eyes open to being aware of what is correct, incorrect or false. It encapsulates being aware of what is possible and what is not possible to the extent that it is able to change what you see and make the impossible possible even when you have no real access to anything that could make this happen. Awareness also means that you allow yourself to see from another part of your being and allow your body to know what you could never know.

The list can go on but the simplicity of what we are introducing is the fact that nothing is impossible and nothing is controlled by the patterns that have been taught to everyone over the ages.

The broad intelligence and the obvious magic that is displayed at random times in everyone’s life can now be expressed as a common factor under the control of each unique PSC. This enables the realization of something new in everyone’s life and as a result a freedom to express the real power of each person’s PSC as a personal tool in his or her world of magic and miracles.

The next step is to look at the practical applications that are available for direct access in our everyday life and start to practice until the reality becomes a part of our life. There will be a small set of exercises to satisfy the needs of those who feel they need to learn but there is no need to do anything once you are aware of what the exercises are about.

Chapter 4

The main part of our exercise is the introduction of this powerful attribute to your conscious mind and the gradual insertion of the subtle needs of the PSC as it goes about directing the universal acceptance of phenomena that are outside the generally accepted actions in the physical world.

It is best that we leave the detail for a moment and simply continue in the form of a conversation. This will open a hidden channel that is only available through the action of conversation and there will be no need for your brain to enter the process under categories that it already has put in place.

Your PSC is active at all times and can deliver many things to you throughout the days that are not so obvious at first inspection. The number of times you walk without running into things that have been moved or you put things down without looking or have no need to pay attention to how you drive from one place to another when you are concerned about something else, are not even considered as special until you stop and consider what must have gone into the whole exercise. All this can be extended simply by being aware that it is all happening. If you know you have something available you will find that you start to use it in places that you never thought of before.

Every movement has a subtle action that can be registered or forgotten and it is our intention to have it registered so that there is no need to be conscious of what is being done whenever you instigate a movement. The more you register the more your PSC has available to absorb in its high level instruction language. If you watch the way you move and the way your energy field reacts at special times you will find that your coordination becomes finer and needs no instruction as you decide to move yourself or the world around you.

The subtle movement of your energy field rather than your arm or your body will take the load off your body and cause you to have strength that you never had before the PSC took on the observation and made it into a working model.

Your awareness of the field around you will become a real factor in everything you do if you take on the task of being aware and allowing your PSC to take it up and include it in everything you do. The field around you will become alive and will communicate everything you could possibly imagine about the physical and the non-physical together with its expected actions and intentions.”

Welcome to our extended family of readers!

Many of you have been reading Robert’s writings for years and others have just heard Robert for the first time as he was interviewed by Lilou Mace this past June.

During the interview, Lilou held up a slim book,  “Your Personal Supercomputer”, Handbook for the Future.  Robert wrote this while still in Australia and it has given rise to today’s newsletter.

“Working with Your Personal SuperComputer” was read, recorded and recognized because of its relevance, urgency and importance to humanity.

Each one of us will be nodding in agreement and happy to read these words that validate us all.

Now, awakening and accessing the magic of our own Personal SuperComputer, we find that we are able to rise above the same distractions that used to take us off course.

Robert’s words acknowledge our inner knowingness.  This allows the shedding of layer upon layer of false filters and beliefs that have been formed by circumstances that are no longer a part of our reality.

We must honor the magic of life, each other and ourselves.

Robert and I send you Love and Harmony,


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