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Once again, you have moved into an area where you need nourishment to prepare for the future and a natural sequence takes you to writing and reconnecting with the channels that provide your nourishment. This will continue until the present changes form into a clear reflection of the future and the support that is needed becomes a reality.

The detail that we bring today is unique and it is being delivered in such a way that there will be no chance of distortion or misunderstanding. What we will do is keep you busy with writing and gradually present an atmosphere that allows the unique understanding that is needed for our delivery. The words will continue to flow and your hand will work diligently to bring about a new way of being as you enjoy the process of taking on board whatever is delivered.

The world around you is about to change again and your activities will bring about a need for the youth that you feel inside. Every step will lead towards the nothingness that you know to contain everything and your experience in life will be new, once again.

What you are writing about is your hidden expectation and the elevation of the magic that forms a major part of everyone’s life. There is something missing in the understanding process and that is the nature of magic itself. It is reasonable to treat it as an unknown but the reality is that it is far from unknown and it is far from being a thing. Magic is alive and full of mischief and must be treated that way, to bring it into the physical world. Magic will serve you if you respect its presence and maintain the elegance that it brings. It needs to be active at all times and never left to stray into areas where it can cause harm.

The purpose of magic in any person’s life is beyond what may be called a tool or a convenience. It is what actively entertains the spirit and causes each person’s “happy switch” to turn on automatically. It is the friend that always provides support in the form of humor.

The fact that magic is real now fills the minds of many but the actual inclusion of magic in your life seems to be something that is beyond the control of many. What we are about to reveal will allow the use and the complete control of magic in any person’s life and will bring back the childhood mischief that caused no harm to anyone.

Magic is bestowed on every person at the time of birth and all magic is pure and beyond the reach of negativity. It is separate from each person’s character and has nothing to do with good or bad. Magic is a person’s greatest friend and cannot be dislodged by anyone. Every person’s magic is different but the result of everyone’s magic is cumulative in such a way that it becomes powerful when it finds harmony. People who work with magic will continue to find harmony and the complexities of life will automatically become simple.

If we return to the nature of magic and the fact that it is alive you will see that there is a unique connection that allows you to bring magic into everything. This is all that you need to know and as it brings a smile to your face, you will know that it is active. Magic is something that no one objects to and no matter what may be said, they are always looking for genuine magic in their lives. Everything that is encapsulated in magic is enhanced a thousand fold and there is nothing that is ever excluded from its field.

Magic can be trained to become so close to you that it becomes your nature and as a result your nature will be enhanced a thousand fold.

Because of the uniqueness of each person’s magic, there are times when others, who are not in harmony, will consider the magic to be something undesirable in their world. This however, will not continue if you refuse to ever put your magic aside under any circumstances. Your magic is true and totally positive no matter what the world or its inhabitants may decide.

When you work with magic the rules of nature and the rules of society are consistently broken to produce an outcome that is perfect for your life. It is not up to you to break the rules and then apply magic to solve your situation. Live with magic and everything will change before it enters your field.

Remember, that magic is alive and it demands your attention like a little child. It continually wants to be involved and will cause an explosion if it is not involved in everything. If you need your magic to be calm, you have to take the time to calm it down and if you need to wake it up, you need to involve it in a new and exciting task that depends on it totally.

Most people understand how important it is to have a partner or a friend to support them in any new venture. Magic can happen when two people are in harmony but in fact, it is the magic that draws two people together to make it easier for it to be active in the world. With magic as human nature you can move forward and open a new world even in the middle of a world that seems dysfunctional.

Magic needs you to progress with projects that seem impossible or useless under the constraints of your present circumstances. The magic of a newborn child can carry everyone through the impossible and bring about change that could not be imagined. The reborn-magic of an adult can bring about change that will generate a future that has only been imagined by a few.

Throughout each day, your magic will lead you to where you never expected and its inquisitive nature will keep you entertained through every moment.

Your magic is not anything else, it is separate from everything and cannot be defined as anything else. It is in addition to who you are, just like your cat or your dog. Some characteristics are common but it is not part of you. Together, your life is enhanced and your “happy switch” is always turned on.

Magic has no bounds and can reach into any part or dimension in the universe to change its flow or pull back the veil to whatever it needs in any moment. It is the genie that belongs to you who constantly says, “Your wish is my command”.

Your life has now been enhanced a thousand fold. Go forth and discover the impossible, so that your greatest friend “Magic” can play and enjoy every moment at your side.

On June 15th, Lilou Mace visited us in Santa Barbara and it was wonderful!
She and Robert had a fabulous conversation and now I can’t wait until it is published on YouTube.

The rhythm and flow of the conversation was seamless and at one point, Robert spoke of magic when he said:

“Let’s be the real us that has the magic that we never talk about and let’s talk about having the magic and then it’s all OK for everybody.  So, if we all say, I knew that person was coming around the corner and everyone else says, Oh great, and then they relate similar things “I knew my child was going to do this so I made sure they were safe. I felt that person about to ring me”  and have it in your life. Talk about the magic that really happens and then we are all living it.”

What he spoke about in the interview was echoed in his writing of June 28th and here it is.

Enjoy and know that it is all about you.

Love and Harmony,


P.S.  Yesterday was America’s Birthday…Tomorrow is Robert’s Birthday
                     Today, we send you Celebrations of Your Magic!

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