Vision From Another World


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In all that you do, there seems to be a purpose but in fact there is no other purpose than that which fills your purpose in every moment. There is no overall purpose in walking except to get where you want to go, just as there is no overall purpose in eating except to feed yourself on one level and enjoy the sensation on the other. No matter what you look at, there is no connection to a purpose unless you put one in place. This is the element of free will that has been taken over by our social establishment and locked into the “must do” list that is fed to each person at a particular time in life where it can be established as the basic purpose in life.

Without a basic purpose in life each of us becomes lost. The drive of social acceptance disappears and in many cases, turns against any purpose that is not part of the original program.

This is the subject of much analysis and much discussion but there is never an answer that can match the ultimate discovery that without incentive, either good or bad, there is little drive to do anything. The absence of definable purpose leaves a person without social direction and therefore without support in the social system.

To step past this situation, particularly when it seems like there is no place for you in the social system, is one of the most daunting tasks that faces humanity at this time. It changes the social standing to such a degree that a person can quickly be classed as an alien and be rejected on all fronts. The situation becomes impossible.

Without going into detail, it is time to change direction and see what is actually happening. Every part of the world has this phenomenon and no one has looked at how it can be accepted. Every action is to try to deal with this impossible situation and struggle with it in the attempt to break its hold. There is no solution to the impossible, but there is another way that will work better than anything that has been programmed into everyone as a social standard.

Let us move on and look at nothing but everyday life where there is no reference to problems. Each step you take comes naturally and each movement you make suits your present situation. There is nothing to do to meet your purpose and no impossible situations. This looks to be an ideal situation and you can always access such a situation if you take a moment and remove all obstacles from your mind. The reality that you now have is much more real than the one you have when you have a purpose that is in line with your social training. There is nothing attacking you and the sky has not fallen in. You have done something that is totally different to expectations and there is nothing wrong in this moment.

A slight relief will always lead to recovery. Even when you have a headache you look for something to give you relief and allow your body to get itself back in order. Without knowing how, you have taken the first step required to initiate recovery. In the same way, your worldly situation will recover it you are focused enough to give yourself relief by dismissing the thought patterns that disturb you. No matter how real problems may seem, they have no place once you dismiss them from your mind and the action that takes place is as big a mystery as everything else in your life.

When a life situation becomes impossible, the natural miracles come into play. Act with the most perfect part of any moment and your world will change. Just like walking in the semi-dark, you can only look to the closest point to discover the perfect path.

It is not possible to change the social programming to accept all situations and stages of life, but it is possible to change your personal programming so that it doesn’t matter.

When social programming is no longer a factor, there will be a totally different reality for you to explore. This is the ultimate healing that is in store for everyone who is willing to take the social world and its requirements out of his or her thought patterns and only see the simplicity of what is around them.

Moving on once again, we can see that there is much that can be discussed but this is not a discussion it is a conversation that carries many dimensions and not a limited analysis that has conditions. Every answer is available in this conversation if there is a need to access something in particular but the specifics are not needed with what is being said. The extent of what is being addressed is all encompassing and the fact that there are no specifics mentioned does not constitute a limitation.

The next step in what we are delivering is the understanding that the method of analysis used in your language is totally misleading and false. There is no solution based on an argument. A solution has no argument. This is the basis of the word and the basis of your understanding but it is not how it is presented. This is why there are only problems in your society. There are never any solutions. Everything is based on an argument and any compromise holds the tension of the various arguments.

Now we can go further. There is no way of explaining to a horse that grass makes it fat. It simply eats because that is what it does. A person however, can be convinced that food makes him or her fat, based on the logic that if you don’t eat enough you will lose weight. This is the start of the problem, followed by the analysis and the solution based on the many arguments of endless experts. There is no solution only a great series of compromises that include the tension of every expert’s argument and the eventual confusion of “what will I do next”.

If the problem is understood as being fiction then it is easy to eliminate all the tension that is induced into your system. Once again, remove all influence from your mind and like the horse, you will eat because that is what you do. The fact that your weight is controlled by the tension in your system will not even come into your consciousness. You will have a different reality to live and a different world to experience.

The beauty of a person comes from within and a clear mind will produce a clear image for the world to experience. Every aspect of a person exudes beauty when there is clarity of mind. The heart will take its place and have no need for amplification by words or actions once the mind is clear and without struggle of any form. This is the simplest state of a person in every world, and it has always been recognized as the ultimate of all our measuring systems. The world will melt and the social system will melt in the presence of such beauty. Totally clear your mind and you will feel the essence of your creator at work in every moment.

Each time there is the opportunity to express a vision from another world, there is the opportunity of taking that vision as a reality. On this occasion, there is not only an opportunity but a necessity. The garbage that is held within people is moving on and there will be reaction when it is taken away. Empty your mind now and there will be no reaction. The world of magic and miracles awaits everyone but it is available now to those who are willing to leave the problems of the world behind and experience a new reality.

As our discussion progresses you will notice that there are distinct links to what is happening in your life. These links have been used to demonstrate that you have had nothing but outside influence and that you are now ready to move past that influence. You have the capability of standing alone in the world of magic and miracles and there will be many new indicators that are now about to enter your life. It is not necessary for you to accept anything new or to act on anything. This is for those who need to know. You have always been in the light and now it is time to dislodge all the influence that has been injected into your life and to leave yourself in the state of your original being. Look closely and you will see that this is true. The only thing you need is your own approval and everything will fall into place.

Every part of our conversation has a deep and meaningful purpose but the main purpose is to inform you that you have one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to enjoy every moment in the freedom of a clear and uncluttered mind that is capable of hosting your creator and inviting itself into the world of the creator every moment of every day.

We have recognized the World of Magic and Miracles which we have all found  emanates from Simplicity.
This morning, can you imagine my excitement when as I was recording the writing, I recognized the gift of how this step by step sequence takes us directly to Simplicity.
Here is our opportunity to hear the expression and vision from another world.
For those of us who can listen and take that vision to another reality, this is more than just a neat idea.
It is a necessity as we refuse to react and proceed to change, as we must.
Love and Harmony,
*Perfect Life**Perfect Health**and a **Magic Life*