Universal Code of Communication


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The opening that you feel needs encouragement to bring itself into the reality of the physical world.  This will take the form of information flow that enters into the realms of the unknown and presents on paper, sequences that will switch on indicators and build an awareness that will cause a change in the scope of vision that works closely with your overall plan of action that drives your everyday life.

As you write, the window of availability will gradually close until you are writing one word at a time and the foundation of sentences will disappear from your process.  In this way, you will be able to write without knowing the meaning of anything and thus opening a new entry point for unfamiliar sequences of words and ideas.

The simple application  of zero focus is all we are using to bring more scope to your writing.  You have once again become the postman delivering words without responsibility for content.

Now we are back in the single word mode, you will feel the relief as the responsibility for writing disappears out of your system.  Every word can now flow without any restriction.

The elements that we are presenting consist of many minor components, one of which is the opening of the single word concept of channeling.  This is a major influence on the content of the flow but a minor component of the presentation.

The next step in our delivery is the smoothness of the flow.

Your hand action must become smooth to allow the delivery of each word as an independent component.  This will take a little time to return but it has been introduced and will take  form as we proceed.  There are many reasons for the flow to be smooth and your word formation will hold a sense of clarity as the movement settles into a smooth and rhythmic function.

The thing that follows is a sequence of words that opens the universal code of communication that surpasses the brain and delivers information that will reformat the output of your physical scope of understanding.  Every word delivers something new and the word flow presents a picture to feed your new understanding.

In our next sequence you will start to feel our influence in your body as you write and your focus on data will disappear.

Only the production of each word will be important and all your effort will go into the delivery of each word to the page.

Every time you attempt to revert to the high speed movement of your hand you will be conscious of the disturbance and your flow will feel uneasy until you return to the naturally smooth flow that you are now feeling.  Your connection to the physical world is now represented by your writing and its form will determine the character of its content.   As your mind starts to relate to your delivery of words it will allow the new without restriction.

The formal flow has now begun and the smooth flow of each word has now begun.  Your focus is beginning to fall away and the desire to take control is gradually falling into the background.  You are no longer in control of the words.

Your desire to know what is being delivered will be settled in a moment and the smoothness will return, but while this is happening we must say that the instant progress on each step has been beyond what was expected and you are ready to proceed with the writing process that will now serve your future.

Each time you write you will be able to see another story within your presentation and you will know that clarity exists as you deliver each word to the page.  The event that we now celebrate is your acceptance of our gift.  The delivery of words that are from another realm is our gift and the acceptance of each word without question is your gift to us.

<b>We are the members of the council of galaxies and we deliver our message with great honor and respect.  Our purpose is to guide you from our great vantage point and deliver to you perspectives that are not available on earth.  Your written word will become the life blood of many nations and your agreement to accept our words brings great excitement to our group.</b>

<b>Should you decide to follow our direction we are pleased to confirm that our support will be available at a moment’s notice and that every facility to our galactic group will be at your disposal.</b>

<b>Your ability to write without any real knowledge of what you write will allow us to stretch reality and bring to you many things that you have not considered.  Before people leave your house they must be made aware of this communication so that your project is sealed in action and the future can build because of their knowledge.</b>

<b>If you can imagine what we have available you will see that your present picture must change enormously to accept what we offer.  In a physical sense you have not considered anything from outside your present environment.  We are physical in every way and do exist in the physical universe.</b>

<b>Even your advanced presence does not reflect what we have now added to your reality and there is little time available to allow the natural growth of our reality in the limitations of earthly life.</b>

<b>There will be a major acceleration of reality starting right now and you will notice many things that you have never considered before.  All the people and resources you need will return to your field and we will proceed to work together to bring your planet into alignment with the advanced progress of the galaxies.</b>

<b>This concludes our transmission that marks the beginning of the new age of reality, Magic and Miracles.<

This past Saturday,  Robert handed me what he had just written and asked me to read it aloud for him and our two house guests.

It was a thrill to hear: 
“The delivery of words that are from another realm is our gift and the acceptance of each word without question is your gift to us.”

We have all been aware that Robert came to earth bearing gifts for us all..his caring has extended to everyone around the globe in words of Simplicity, Love, Magic and Miracles…these are available and easily accessible to us all at any time. (www.youngsight.com) His book, “Your Personal SuperComputer” truly is a guide for the future.

Now is the time for the elevation of the planet and each and every one of you is invited to share what we experienced on Saturday.   In effect, you are all guests in our house.

These words are for all of us and must be heeded.

“Before people leave your house they must be made aware of this communication so that your project is sealed in action and the future can build because of their knowledge.”

Enjoy Robert’s perfect handwriting and please forgive my moments of being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the message.
Love and Harmony,
*Perfect Life**Perfect Health**and a **Magic Life*