The World Is New


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As you listen you will hear many things but it is time to look past the listening and take on your new world of instantaneous response to direct inputs that exclude the mind. Allow your mind to do exactly what it is designed to do and that is something that is not known by the thought process. All automatic signals are in good condition and available for use. This will be the last time you need reminding because the correct process is to forget and allow everything to take its course.

All the minimum-action thoughts you have responded to in the past will be depleted and allowed to revert to the sensitivities of your operating system. This will be subtle but every moment will be well directed because these thoughts are no longer in the way of your direct response to everything in your life.

Every moment is supported by something that you do not need to know about. This is the new way of explaining something that has its own operating system. All the functions of the individual operating systems are at your service but the operating systems themselves need to be left alone so that they can provide the higher level services that you are comfortable with in your daily life.

Many of the actions of the past will be taken away and the actions of the future will have no relativity because they are not based on problems. The future is based on new possibilities that cannot be explained until they appear. There is a special place inside of every person that allows them to combine all their senses and have an overall feeling of what is coming without having any knowledge of how to explain the details. This is the response to a person’s vision of the future. Just like a child before its birthday. The likelihood of the exact outcome of such feelings fills the imagination and somewhere in amongst the possibilities the answer lies. The only way the child can know what is correct is to wait for the event.

Every person’s life will now be filled with anticipation and hardship will be a thing of the past. This is not a prediction it is a fact that cannot be supported by any explanation. This is how the new reality works and it is not optional or subject to any known or unknown conditions.

With this in mind we move onto the next part of the new reality and experience the freedom of regeneration. There is a new possibility that will be invoked once it is accepted. All the difficulties that are attached to a person’s life from within or from another source will be removed as the body is allowed to enter its true mode of operation. This needs little explanation but it is still a possibility and not a reality.

To take advantage of this possibility it is simply a case of attaching it to your reality and knowing that you have taken possession of every aspect of the miracle that makes up the possibility. It is then a case of sitting back with total expectation and watching the miracles form in front of your eyes. There is nothing you have to do and nothing that will make sense until after the event. You will actually forget about the whole thing once you have taken it into your reality and be surprised each time a miracle presents itself for recognition.

All that is needed in life is life itself and there is nothing that can take its place. This fact is something that has been pushed into the background and all influences that say they are more important than life itself are false. If we look at all the examples we are amplifying the effect of their reality in our lives and therefore playing the reprogramming game that has been set up to confuse our reality. Those who have almost lost their lives and have been given another chance are reluctant to do the things in life that are not to their liking. This relates to everyone and is accepted because of particular circumstances but it is never taken on as a reality by those who have not had a major experience. The programming continues and the beauty of life is over dubbed by the needs and wants of the social world.

All this is about to change and the needs and wants of the social world will be available as a secondary function of life. The table that defines life will be taken away and it will be seen as a hindrance rather than a necessity. The natural dignity of humanity will return with the removal of unnatural laws and regulations. Training will no longer be controlled by pain. It will be encouraged by self-esteem and reward will come because of the effort and desire to succeed.

There is nothing more to say on the subject of life because it is here to express itself and it will do so without the need for any intervention by the words or actions of another person. Each person’s life is precious to them and there are sufficient facilities in the world to present everything that is needed to support and welcome each life with its unique desires and capabilities.

As for each person, planet Earth has its own operating system that can be enhanced or destroyed by the programing of humanity. This however is not what is presented through the social media. The earth is like a big fluffy dog. If fleas disturb it then it will scratch a little at first and then shake itself until it is comfortable. If the disturbance continues it will find the biggest mud pile available and roll in it until all the fleas are eradicated or prevented from accessing the comfort of its body. If we disturb the earth or its atmosphere it will give us a warning but if we continue, it will eradicate us until it is comfortable once again. We do not have to fix the earth but we do have to stop disturbing it. This includes our personal vibration and how we present ourselves in the world. Love and harmony will enhance the world and as a result it will allow planet Earth to bring itself back to where it can produce everything we need for our lives. We will be encouraged by Earth itself to maintain the environment and watch as it replenishes itself and performs miracles in front of our eyes.

Every person understands what is presented by logic but it is time to understand that the most important things are not meant to be understood. They are meant to experience without measurement or comparison or the elimination of their magic. It is a simple thing to state but the acceptance cannot be a simple overwrite of the present standards that have been programmed into everyone’s system. The simplicity of a person’s uninhibited child-like program is needed before the special things that are not meant to be understood can take effect in life. This is what is happening in the regeneration of humanity. Your new reality is based on simplicity and all other complexities will be handled by the high level language of simplicity.

Every person knows that if something is “hard work” then the timing for doing such a task is wrong or it is being done the wrong way. We all know there is no need to make anything into “hard work” when we have the facilities to make it simple. This is relatively new to the world but it is now true and nothing obvious happened to bring it into reality. Many books will be written to explain this change but there is no real explanation except that our reality has changed and we will not accept anything less.

The world is new, all standards are new and every person’s reality is new. Nothing less will be accepted and the reasoning will not even be considered.

Watch as the light shines on so many new things. In the near future you will see what has never been seen before. This will be epic to say the least and nothing will be explainable from the basis of past knowledge even though many things will seem to be from the past. The evidence that we have always needed will not be available but the reality will be available in front of us to experience without question.

The things in our life that cannot be understood are becoming a real part of our reality. This is not only obvious it is being revealed every day in the movement of people and the actions that defy the laws of gravity. Many new developments appear out of nowhere to demonstrate that life and the unique use of the human body has become the focus of the majority of young people. The formula that has directed the presentation of entertainment is now failing to impress those who have accepted their new reality. Movies, television shows, news and editorials no longer mean anything to the young at heart and the habit of watching comes from a desire to see the reality change in the world around us.

From here there is only one observation and that is, nothing is as it seems except the reality that knows this to be the case. The next part of that reality is to see that nothing will ever be the same or be a derivative of the past. The foundation of society will change and it will serve the new reality because it has no option. This advancement of society will be felt in the next few days and it will not be a part of any action by society. It will be a step into another world that will no longer support the disturbances of all the old systems. If you look from the old world you will see everything failing but if you look from the new world you will see everything new and totally separated from the past.

Once you observe the obvious there is nothing else to do but enjoy the newness of everything and look past what is presented from the past without even acknowledging its presence. Your early response to something new will bring excitement and progress that you never imagined and no matter what your position in life may be, you will prosper in the new environment of your new reality.


Magic is happening and it is moving fast since this morning!
Robert had no idea what he wrote.
As we began reading this transmission, I immediately had goosebumps everywhere. I feel the core of my being as I open my eyes and see the tears flushing from both our faces.  This recognition has no explanation, and the sensations to share this writing are so strong, I’m thrilled to share it.

“The first part of our conversation has been presented to allow you to open the eyes of everyone to the changes ahead.”

The New World has arrived, and this introduction invites us all to participate.

Love and Harmony,


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