The Presence of Your Being



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This is a good time to focus on the perfection of your body and the unique energies that are available to ensure its ease of performance. The tendency for many to focus on what is wrong can be totally overcome when there is a conscious awareness of the special presence that we feel around us. Every chance we have to experience this special feeling of majesty and comfort can be taken if we are aware of such a possibility.

Every movement in the universe is like the water of the earth; there is an ebb and flow that we, as humans, can follow if we are conscious of our focus. The surfer can find the most suitable wave set and the hang glider can judge and ride the updrafts. We can determine the ebb and flow of other dimensions so that we connect and feel the unique energies that create a feeling of beauty in our lives.

The capacity of your personal super computer is unknown but its use is simple once we allow ourselves to connect to that area which allows our special interface with the ebb and flow of everything in our world and beyond. The subtle but conscious connection brings skills and comfort that are beyond the influence of society. The particular area that is sometimes ignored is the feeling of total comfort and capability when you are in tune with the ebb and flow of everything around your body.

The natural attunement with the energy and transmission of everything around you becomes a task that is perfectly simple once you consciously connect into the field that talks to your senses. Each sense becomes active and grows in ways that have never been explored by science. This can be achieved in meditation but in the real world, each person can make this connection with their eyes open and their body functioning at its highest capacity.

Feel the presence of your own being and watch as it connects you to that place where nothing matters. Feel the ebb and flow and allow your consciousness to extend to all the things that you cannot describe. This will then transform into something so familiar that you will know exactly how to achieve whatever you wish.

There are many exercises that can demonstrate your increased capability but it is best that you discover these for yourself and interact with others as you all discover what is available from nowhere. Use the ebb and flow movement to catapult yourself physically, mentally and socially into places you never believed possible and watch the miracles appear as you weave your magic with ease and flamboyance in a world that is ready to accept your presence.


It is my pleasure to greet you, especially at this HOLIDAY SEASON OF JOY!

Robert wrote this morning and came to my desk saying, “I feel this is the next newsletter.” When I read it, I felt as though many gifts were being bestowed upon me and I hope you will feel this way too.

This writing reveals your own natural attunement with the energy and transmission of everything around you……………… taking you to feeling the presence of your own being.

This is especially for you to savor, enjoy and discover your increased capability beyond your dreams.

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May this HOLIDAY SEASON bring Magic and Miracles with Sparkles.

Love and Harmony,