The Language of the Universe

In a similar way to talking you are now ready to communicate with the endless energies of the universe. This is not new but like speaking, you become more familiar with one language and have no idea of what is being said in another. The language of the universe has been available to you for a long time and your interaction has been fluent in all areas. The difference now is that you are ready to speak the language that is available to everyone everywhere and the outcome will be a unique physical feeling that will translate within each person or entity to the internal language that is used to maintain their being.

The vibration that you feel in your body will grow and develop as you speak so that your words are felt within each person and the elegant feeling that is produced will surpass all difficulties for everyone.

Our conversation will continue so that you are able to settle with the process of events for the day. The channels that are available for your support will be available to you on demand so there is no need to plant any seeds of direction at this time. All that you talk about will now be transmitted in the most perfect way and you will not need to hold anything back until the correct moment. All communication is automatically synchronized and the words are not available if they are not meant for that moment.

Listen to what is in the wind and see what is on the horizon and you will sail a direction that takes you to a perfect future. This is known by all but nothing comes to the mind of the person who is consumed by chatter and the circular actions of everyday life. You are about to enter a new world once again and from where you are, there is no description. This will continue to happen as you move through the adventures of the universe and beyond. The adventure path is not linear and one thing does not lead to another. One reality appears and then it quickly disappears to reveal another.

Take people on a trip and allow them to feel the differences as you follow your spirit and jump from one reality to another. Every time you think of something simply look past it and find what it is hiding from you. Thought will not be present in the real world of magic and miracles.