That Special Feeling 4.24.18

The lightness of your being reflects in every moment of your life once you allow the presence of your creator to be a real factor in what excites and drives your destiny to wherever it wants to go. There are many factors that can be considered, but there is no consideration needed once you have attached yourself to the magic and miracles originating from the world of your creator. In achieving the ultimate of taking your seat alongside your creator, there is a special reward that comes to you through your general feeling of freedom, comfort and security. The feeling that everything is okay cannot be given enough emphasis in the formation of your life and the flow of your human existence. Everything runs perfectly and restrictions disappear without even presenting themselves for consideration.
There is a flow that has never been in your life except when you are connected to your origin, but now this has been amplified by your creator to make sure there is nothing but this flow between you and the life that you are supposed to live. Change will happen but it will now simply be part of the flow and will not cause any disruption within your being. Every day will bring a new excitement for you to rise to, and all your efforts will be seen as something of immense value in the world around you.
Every moment brings you closer to that special feeling that something brilliant is about to happen, and without hesitation your spirit rises and takes you to another place where the feeling increases once again in a continuous dance of beauty and elation. It seems to the logical mind that this must come to an end, but it never does and over and over the brilliance continues as long as you allow it to do so. If you happen to convince yourself that your logic is correct, you will stop the elation, but it still remains in your field for you to turn on at will. There is no need to take notice of any type of logic when you are living in the world of magic and miracles and sitting beside your creator, and there is nothing in the world or beyond that can make you do so.
As you look into the eyes of your creator you see yourself in a much different light to what you have always imagined, and the enormous feeling of welcome comes as a great surprise. There is no way that the physically programmed mind can fathom the extent of difference between what you have been taught and what is actually real. It takes a full experience in the presence of your creator to dislodge your programming and allow you to move forward into what has been planned for you for the next thousand or more earth years.
All of the flow in your life will take on a new form as you open to what has been closed by human exposure. There is a formal notice that is coming to everyone and it will simply appear in their life in an unmarked package for them to behold. The notice will discharge the systems of society and will open the field that you know, so that we can all live in harmony without even knowing that there is any other way. The programing of mankind will stop and every person, animal, bird etc. will become friends without any conditions related to any species.
What you see in everyday life right now, is for you to modify with your magic, not to hold at bay by either positive or negative reaction. Your magic does not follow a reactive path it simply changes everything to bring a perfect outcome even when it seems impossible.
What you can see because you are resident with your creator is much different, and if you allow both visions to exist at the same time, your magic will become active in ways that you never imagined. Simplicity will reign, and everything will be maintained in perfect balance, even when the physical conditions are defined as explosive.
Bring everything forward that is in the background of your “knowing” and you will see that there is more to life than you have previously revealed. There is actually more hidden than has been revealed in all your life so far. This may came as a slight surprise but in a matter of seconds you will find yourself agreeing and wondering how you can access everything that is hidden. There is no method, but it does help to know that there is always more, and it already exists within your field.
The extent of your being is much more than you know, but it is always available through the parts of you that are attached to your magic. This is an impossible combination of illogical mysteries that you actually understand at a level far beyond your present “knowing”. To access such things all you do is light heartedly follow your spirit and enjoy the kaleidoscope of sensations that emanate from your being to deliver new and exciting revelations from every different part of your existence.
This is only the beginning, and there is no end. All the experiences of the physical world will now be projected from your origin and your position in the world of your creator. Enjoy every moment and allow yourself to feel the freedom and elation of your creator as you interact on a personal level every moment of your life.