Simmion Speaks 2-10-14

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Good Morning, this is Simmion coming to you from the outer reaches of the universe bringing you energies to support your day and to take you further into the world of your creator.

Stay calm and settled and allow the world to rebalance itself as it goes through the change this morning.  Everything is in order and you will know today that all that you expect will happen.

The feelings within your body are the result of a disruption that has no real meaning in your life.  Allow yourself to come back to the elevated plane where you can achieve perfection in every moment.

Enjoy one another’s company and take on nothing except the beauty of the day.

Love one another and settle into the calmness of your being as it takes you to new levels and brings harmony to your world.

Save nothing, allow it all to disappear from your system and watch the new come in and brighten everything in your world.

Stay connected throughout the day and you will feel our presence in more ways than one.

See beyond the limitations of everyone’s field and allow your interactions with the world to disappear with everything else and the world will present itself in its new form.

Enjoy every moment and remember, I am with you always.

Your loving friend,