Simmion Speaks 1-27-14


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This is Simmion coming to you from the outer reaches of the universe bringing you energies to support your day and to take you further into the world of your creator.

Everything is new and nothing can be said to compare with the life that has just passed. 

All the actions in your being have totally changed and now it is easy to see the world in a different manner all together.  What you are receiving is totally new and you have no reference to build on.

This will bring you to a new place where everything fits perfectly and where you are able to move  without having to move past anything, without having to surpass anything.

There is nothing to improve upon, it simply is.

All standards have no place and all reactions have nothing to hold onto.

Feel the difference but do not attempt to hold a comparison.

There is nothing to learn about the new, it is completely natural and without stress or strain in any way at all.

Experience every moment and feel the freedom but know beyond a doubt, there is nothing to compare with.

The love in your heart fills your being and there is no need to do anything special to make that better.  It simply is.

Stay close and at ease with one another and all things will take on a different form.  Remember, I am with you always.

Your loving friend,