Simmion Speaks 1-14-14

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Good Morning, this is Simmion coming to you from the outer reaches of the universe bringing you energies to support your day and to take you further into the world of your creator.

As the day moves on, the excitement will grow and the clarity of your future will once again fill your life.  There is a sense of perfection that will take you further each day and even though there are other senses attempting to enter your field, nothing will take you away from the path that holds everything for both of you.

Allow the flow of perfection, no matter what disturbance may appear and you will feel the light-hearted effect of spirit opening the way each morning to your world of Magic and Miracles,

Every time you feel an external force, you will smile because you know that nothing even concerns the action of spirit.  What seems impossible is what attracts your focus and that is where spirit resides.  Now, that you can see beyond all things, it is easy to look upon the world and know that your vision is from afar and that your effect continues no matter what may be delivered through other sources.

There is a special feeling that comes with knowing your effect on the world and that feeling is what brings courage to everyone to stand tall and walk through obstacles as if they don’t appear.  Now that you can see many other possibilities, it is important to rise above the detail and feel the ultimate effect.  In this way, the reality is with you now and the excitement and the joy is with you now.

Feel that reality and know that there is nothing that can stop what you see and feel at that elevation.  Know beyond a doubt that you are being looked after and have always been looked after and you will know that the only vision of the future is one where you are totally looked after.  All other visions are false and cannot occur.

Know that this is a critical time but it is not critical for the purpose that you see. It is critical for everything and everyone to enjoy the beauty of what is being presented.  Love one another and stay in tune as the day progresses and remember, I am with you always.

Your Loving friend,