Simmion Speaks 1-13-14

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Monday:     Barbara’s Birthday!

Good Morning, this is Simmion coming to you from the outer reaches of the universe bringing you energies to support your day and to take you further into the world of your creator.

Know that the celebrations today are for many purposes and at this time, the energies are high and extremely supportive. With everyone gathering at this special time, you will all know your own value in the world and as such, you will hold this day as more than just a birthday but as a significant day in the life of everyone.

There is major movement in the world of finance and everything that you have considered is about to happen, but more than that, everything for the security of the future is also about to happen.  Know that you are looked after and no matter what the world presents to you, it is not as it seems.

Everything is perfect and flowing in so many directions that it will come together and bring the new life to everyone all at the same time.

Stay above all things and realize that that is the permanent position where everything holds a perfection even when it seems to be out of place.

Enjoy what is happening and relax as the momentum lifts you beyond all things and holds you steady in the world of your creator.

Love one another and remember I am with you always.

Your loving friend,