Set Your Level of Approach 4.22.18

Your initial approach to everything determines the level at which you continue. If you approach at an elevated level you will continue to stay at that level or rise because of the momentum of your approach. This is true for all things and your feeling of confidence rises as you feel your smile of approval take you further. A tentative approach will sometimes cause a downward spiral that takes much effort to overcome and the smile of contentment is never there to give you that extra lift. The effect of your magic is always conditional on your sense of level or elevation as it is easily put to one side if you find yourself dealing with the turbulence of a lower approach.
As you wake in the morning you can feel your ability to set your level of approach, by simply bypassing the turbulence and setting yourself at the highest level available. A quick smile and a look towards your creator will get you ready for all interactions, and launch you into a youthful and carefree day full of life, movement and much excitement.
Your writing is now ready to take on an elevated path to where you can simply relax and feel the rhythm of the flow. This is the most suitable feeling for your upcoming event and your delivery of what is needed at this time. Every person on earth is looking forward to an event that will free them from the burden of financial slavery. This is known all over the world and is not shared openly in many circles. From the time of introduction, financial burden has been a crippling event that changed the pattern of every person’s life, and introduced many difficulties in the management of the various societies in the world. The event is at hand and the gradual release of financial burden will be felt by everyone.
All the events from this moment onward will be pointed towards the relief of mankind, and the elevated manner in which this is taken on, can only be held by the extreme elevation and determination of each individual. Those who are capable of maintaining balance during these turbulent times must be conscious of every event, and vigilant in their determination of the level required throughout the process. Calm non-reactive progress is essential to make sure no one is subjected to hardship or led in the wrong direction. The world of magic and miracles will contribute much in this process and the lighthearted approach of a joyful spirit will take away all the difficulties and complexities of the financial world.
Watch as gifts arrive through means you have never expected, and watch as you meet your so-called responsibilities, when there seems to be no way possible. This is how the long awaited event starts, and how it continues to grow if you stay on top of the wave, and maintain a real balance between looking for the event and living life to its fullest.
As we progress further from this point you will see that your life is free and independent of social responsibilities. All social responsibilities will be absorbed into your normal flow as a minor part of life, and will present no difficulty, and life itself will flow with the freedom and excitement of love and frivolity in all its glory.
This is the time when your full being can come into your physical reality, to the extent that it will be difficult to get the smile off your face. Every moment is a thrill that cannot be explained and every event is a major highlight in your life. The brilliance of your being continues to grow and everything you add to the world is accepted at a value far beyond anything you ever expected. Feedback from the world is not necessary as it comes to you immediately through the interaction of the fields of other people, however there will be feedback from the world, and it will take on physical form to enhance your life and bring your gifts to others.
If you consider anything, then consider your level of elevation and motivation towards a better life for everyone. Allow reasoning to disappear in the love you have for others, and allow the miracle of elevation to take over any event or situation that would normally pull you down. You can apply the miracle of elevation to anything at any time, and it will take all heaviness from your field and elevate the most impossible feelings to where they are no longer visible, in a fraction of a second.
Know the power of your magic and miracles will appear. This is a progressive approach but not necessarily the simplest. See the miracle in all its glory and the magic will appear to bring it into reality. This is the simplest and easiest way to live, and the surprises will have you bouncing in your seat from daylight to dark.