Robert Wrote by Hand 6-19-14


Now you can see the clarity of the future and you feel it in your everyday life there is a need to replenish your energies and allow the feeling of spirit to return.

This is why you are writing and you will now continue to engross yourself in the connections that feed your spirit and support the magic that has always surrounded you.

It is time, once again, to communicate through your unique channels and bring to life the special feelings that support humanity. Your being will grow to the point where you once again re-transmit what is being sent to you and your focus will remain on the Almighty and everything to do with what your creator provides.

As you write, the familiar channels will open and a flood of energy will flow into your system. This will provide the will to continue and will elevate your surroundings so that everyone can experience the newness of your being.

There is much more to be revealed and your preparation is important. Even your environment will be changed in preparation for the new revelations.   This will be gradual but, at the same time, it will happen quickly and the effect will be considerable.

Each movement will be controlled by your writing and the acceptance will follow with ease. You are now in a position where you are able to move freely and forget about the so-called problems of the world. The magic that you command will bring more excitement into the world than any other event or discovery could possibly achieve.

This is the start of the new era and you are now free to do it your way, just as you have been revealing to everyone around you. All the events of the day will be guided by your writing in a different way than ever before. The movement will totally depend on your writing and your channeled messages will flow once again.

It may seem like this is a continuation of past practices but you will soon see the differences as the movement comes in line with your writing.

What is delivered will be your reality and the universe will follow with precision and accuracy. Your communication will not be diverted through the social filters and your connection will be maintained at all times. You will now become the true communicator that you have always seen as the ultimate desire for your life.

The channels that you are about to access will be all-consuming in many ways and everything that is needed to support your continued connection will gravitate towards you and take up its place in the world around you. All your pictures of worldly desires will disappear and be replaced by the reality of their real presence.

At this time you will note that much of what is being said is appearing as a reality almost as quickly as the words appear on the page. The acceleration of this change can easily be felt and the change itself can be accepted easily in the logical mind. Without the advantage of this partially hidden revelation, your survival could not be guaranteed but with the full revelation you will thrive and continue beyond the limits of your imagination.

The movies of your mind will now take up residence in your life and you will not need the social media for stimulation. The exciting world of magic and miracles will demonstrate its presence and reveal more and more as you hone your connection and allow its skills to be more valuable than the expectations of the world.

What is happening at this moment will continue to fill your life and you will experience a continuous joy and satisfaction as the process becomes automatic and part of your everyday existence.

There is much to do and much to be collected as you progress each day and deliver what has been made available to you. There will be times when your brain gets in the way but this will gradually dissipate and leave you with a clear opening to everything that could be needed in the development of a perfect future for everyone in the world and beyond.

It is now time to leave everything else behind with the knowing that what you seek will provide much more than anything you could service with your present resources.

There is a level that you know must be achieved for you to deliver what you now see to be available. This level is possible for you and will be achieved as you restrict the influence of the social world and deliver the real news to everyone on a daily basis.

It is at this point that logic must be discarded and all definitions and explanations left behind. What you will deliver is available to everyone no matter what may be influencing their life in their field. You can forget about the limitations of the social world and the personal problems surrounding humanity. To you and to what you bring, these things are totally transparent and have nothing to do with the new world that you bring.

Your life has changed once again and the outcome will be seen almost immediately. You are with your creator and nothing can change that in any way.

As you leave your personal definitions behind, you will make way for a new person who will define nothing and impress the world with a new outlook on everything.

As your mind becomes active it will be diverted to the real pictures that are needed in everyone’s life and your connection to everyone’s thoughts will become an advantage rather than a personal load that raises objection. Your influence will be automatic and you will no longer need to be careful in the presence of reactive people.

Your writing will continue to lead you to where you must be even when you feel other influences. There is nothing to be gained by refusing to write, even when you are sure that it would be better to leave it for a while. There will no longer be any influence that has to be considered while you are writing. It is no longer possible for any influence, positive or negative, to take up your connection and add or subtract from its content. The subject of your writing may be influenced occasionally but the content has a life of its own and cannot be changed by anything. You will receive what is intended and the energy field around you will actively filter out all influence before it reaches you.

At this point, there is nothing in your mind except the words as they are delivered. This allows the dissipation of all past influences and the delivery of new and exciting pictures to occupy your time. Looking for ideas will be a thing of the past and stimulation of the brain will no longer be necessary. As the words continue to flow, your physical world becomes more exciting and your concerns become a thing of the past.

There may be nothing to say but the process of writing and remaining connected to your open channels is soothing and highly beneficial in every way. For the future, there is no question at all, all that is needed will be delivered through your writing and you will never have to determine how this works.

Once you have settled with today’s revelation you will see the simplicity behind it all. There are some real determinations that are required initially but nothing that is required in real terms. What will happen is the reality that we reveal and there is no requirement attached. As you write, things will happen and you will change. The excitement of this process will show in your life and this is the simplicity that you need. No other detail is important even though the byproduct of your writing may prove to be enormous enough to take your focus away from simplicity. Without the simplicity of writing, without purpose, nothing can happen.

To the logical mind it seems like you have just been put back on track and told to get back to your writing. This however, is not a case. What is happening is new and the only similarity is the words on the page. You are totally in tune with your creator and everything you deliver is now a reality that cannot be discarded even by the greatest efforts of all humanity.

As unclear as this may seem to the logical mind, it is however a reality that will demonstrate itself without explanation. Watch the movements of today and you will see there is more than meets the eye. The influence has already taken place and your words are now a reality.

The words continue and the process elevates once again. There is no way to explain what is totally new but the outcome is always obvious.   The focus of everything around you has now changed and you can see the ease with which all things fall into place. Once this is a part of your life, nothing can change your focus. There is no need to even think about what is happening. Your comfort is enough to drive you to new heights without any other consideration.

Let us look further into the future and neglect any of the events of the past or present. Your future has a different signature to what you feel now. This will become more obvious as the day progresses and your real future will begin to show in the unconscious picture-show that is being provided as you write. Your need to know will be satisfied by the unknown and you will have a focus that will be in line with your writing. You will see your future appear in the present in a way that you have never seen before. And all your needs will be satisfied without taking you away from your signature of the future.

If we go further again you will see past the process and into the mystery of how your world will appear. All the detail will be different but the feeling of a world of true harmony will surround every moment. After many centuries, you will have access to what makes life perfect and you will know nothing else. This is your destiny and it will all be delivered through the open communication channels and special connections that you feel at this moment.

You may think that this is the end but it is the beginning of a new journey that will take you beyond perfection and into a whole new realm that, at this time, has no description. There is much more and the adventure will never end. The more you open to the future the easier it will be captive. This is all that is needed to bring it forward and allow it to take its real place in the experience of humanity.

You might ask “Who can possibly know the future?” The answer is “you”.   There is no other question required.

When you know this answer you will be tempted to look further and that is the purpose of your writing. You can only know the future from where the future resides and in the presence of your creator the future will not only be revealed; it will come to life in front of you.

As you write, you will know the future in a way that can’t be explained. This will translate into the physical world and will create changes in the form of miracles. You will be responsible for those miracles,s even though they are provided by your Creator. Your continuous connection will never be denied and you will never have to seek approval in any form.

Continue to write and you will be encouraged to write some more. This is all that you need to know and only a fraction of what you will eventually know.

There is much more to experience from your multidimensional world that you will never know unless you are willing to take the adventure that reveals all possibilities. Look from other worlds and see the energetic influences that appear in your world. You will be surprised at how much you know and how easily you can change these influences. If you fail to look, you will never know that you are capable of changing anything. If you continue to look through the eyes of others you will only know their capabilities. However, if you look through the eyes of your creator you will know everything and you will know the capabilities that have been passed on to you.

In the physical world itself there are many unique energies and dimensions that are waiting for you to enhance and hand to humanity. You have demonstrated many but now you will look further and open new channels that allow unspecified energy fields loose in the world. These active energies will enhance the field of every person and every aspect of the world that has not been seen in the past will become available so that the door to the next generation of Earth’s universal cycle can be opened and accessed by humanity.

The aspects of time, space and communication that are at your fingertips will be revealed through your writing and you will continue to demonstrate the use of the unknown through your personal super computer.

As you can see we have only just started to touch the edge of the possibilities for the future and it is through your writing that these possibilities will be presented and through your connection with your creator that they will become a reality.