Robert Wrote by Hand 4-20-14


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Your search for something to write has once again failed and you have resorted to the only action that you know to work. This action of writing without having any idea of a subject always provides an outcome but it still puts a strain on your physical system for the short time it takes to establish a reasonable flow.

It is relatively late in the day to start writing but time seems to have disappeared and the situation is perfect for a relaxed delivery. As you proceed, the regular feelings of expectation disappear and the channels start to open to allow the unique nourishment to enter  your body. All the struggle of the world around you can now dissipate and bring a new feeling of satisfaction to your being. The attention, that has been required by the anomalies of interaction are now calmed and dissipated, is now available for the production of a new product for your future focus.

You are about to write another encouraging story that will take your direction away from all struggle and into the depths of your real being as it is about to present itself to you in your new reality.

Your realization that you have little obligation to continue supporting “book characters” that you cannot remember will change your approach to everything and will soon open the way to a flow that has no real obligations at all.

What you produce from this point onward will interest everyone and there is no need to even follow your leaning in a production of novels. You will be supported to provide stories that grow out of nowhere and your natural glow will elevate your actions as well as your achievements in the field of literary endeavor. Each story will stand alone and will provide a prospective that builds on the excitement of life and everything that encourages the brilliance of humanity. The overall production of a novel is your natural ability and all the work you have done to ensure that the presentation is without fault will now take on a new standard so that your true character exists in everything you produce.

Your books will be unique and everything you do will culminate in the production of a masterpiece that carries your presence into the world.

To achieve your ultimate desire, it is necessary to restructure your activities and move towards a support framework that considers nothing but that desire. Such a framework has never existed for you in the physical world because your focus is beyond that of regular activities and the framework that has held you so far has had little continuity. You are now in a position where you are able to form your own structure and allow it to carry you on a path that holds your ultimate desire and focus and has no need for approval or justification to support its action.

There is a world that belongs to you and it is totally different to the world you have lived in for many years. This world supports the needs of everyone and has a special bias towards your existence. Unlike other worlds, it demands nothing and provides everything and never allows events to cause an imbalance that is hidden under the pretense of another person’s desire. Your new structure will hold this world in place and bring new brilliance to everything.

The words that will now flow will consider everything before they are presented and you will have no concern for consideration as they enter your field and present themselves on the page. All the energy used for “getting it right” will now be available to support your endeavor. Celebration will continue and your actions will not conflict with any part of your induced social programming.

As you work, you will move away from the consideration that recreation must be a separate operation and your work will become your recreation just as your recreation becomes your work. You will soon see how this works and you will proceed into a life of recreational work in the very near future.

As soon as you can see your way clear, you will stop all problem solving and move into a continuous flow of writing. This will demand some control of your natural instincts but it will relieve the connection and bring a much needed ease to your flow. The capabilities of your old character have been revived many times and now there is no need to prove them or even display them in the world. Your true capabilities will now be revealed as you write and deliver your stories to the world.