Robert Wrote by Hand 3-29-14


Everything is moving quickly and you are being taken to a new place where you can see much more and be able to include all things as part of your life.

The simplicity surrounding your everyday life will improve and all that you see will be easy to accommodate as you move further into the world of your creator.

The world of Magic and Miracles remains your focus and all the events will demonstrate the  Magic as you continue to experience the world in its new form.

Step by step, the world will demonstrate its Magic and you will know that your world of Magic and Miracles is becoming a reality in the physical world.

All these things will continue and in addition, you will see and experience the relief of financial strain as your life elevates and clears its way into the expected events of the future.

The next step is to clear your own way and step ahead in the areas that are not available to anyone but you.  This will happen quickly as the world changes and accepts the major differences in various personalities.  You will be relieved and satisfied by the movement in this coming week and the obvious difference on how you work on many levels will become an advantage once again.  The light hearted element will return to your life and you will see past all the forces that demand your attention and maintain your life at a level below what you know to be available.

In all, what we are conveying is a general upgrade from every vantage point and a change in those around you that will provide the freedom and support you need for the future.

Your general picture will change and you will know yourself through your own eyes rather than the eyes of others and your concern for the thoughts of others will increase so that immediate action can be taken to settle concerns and take the load off each person’s being.

Your day has started with a burst and it will continue to accelerate as you look forward and see what you have planned for the immediate future.  This is the excitement that will grow and take on a permanent position in your life.  The forces that have worked against you are now depleted and your consistent maintenance of your true nature will now show as a light in the dark of everyone’s confusion.

The battle is over for everyone and now you will not be seen as the enemy, even when it is convenient to do so.  Celebrate your fortune and never fall into the limits that have been left behind for you to absorb.  You are an unlimited being in an unlimited world of joy and harmony and each sign of limitation is manufactured and outside your reality.  Break away from these limited patterns and move freely in the manner that supports your perfection.