Robert Wrote by Hand 2-28-14


Once again, you begin to write with nothing in mind and no idea of what will come. Your mind continues to scan and look for something to catch onto and your hand gradually relaxes into a style that can deliver the message. This is not a process but an observation and a means by which you are able to surpass the actions of your regular program.

The communication that you seek is one without reason or explanation and undoubtedly without any special conditions. This is happening as you proceed and the outcome wi II soon show itself.

The universal standard of communication is available to everyone but your communication extends past this standard and gives you access to details that are not 1 isted for everyone. It is for this reason that you are gradually preparing yourself and keeping clear of the subjects that offer themselves for discussion.

As you proceed, you will know when you are ready for the flow and you will continue to pass it on to the page even when it has no real story for you to relate. Writing at this moment is the only focus and nothing can take away your focus. This is where your life is contained and you need to stay tuned so that it will be revealed to you in the physical world. The key to everything is the regular update from another plane and its isolated delivery that has no connection to what influences your daily activities. Your connection to other planes is obvious but the regular update never makes any real sense unless it is written without influence from the physical world.

The more you write the more the flow comes into line and you gradually contain the true style that you desire. Every movement becomes a part of the message and the clarity seems to appear before any message is received. Now you are starting to write and you can see the style present itself in every word. Your hand movements are becoming smooth and you are relaxing into the task of delivering the writing to the page.

The main purpose of your writing is to write and to exercise the art of hand movement at the same time as you watch each word appear on the page. Your interest in the message must be pushed into the background to allow its delivery and this is done by the delivery of your skill to the page.

Now you have the feeling you can continue and see what is delivered. All the actions and reactions of the body will appear as you continue and you will feel it attempting to take over the complete process. This is where your ability to focus on one letter at a time comes into play. Nothing can take over your writing process if you are determined to write and leave all other influences out of the equation. The movement of your hand determines the real output and its smooth action will improve as you continue to deliver.

There is no limit to what you can write and as you progress, you will see that there is no limit to what you can receive if you are focused on the delivery to the page. Every subject that is available in the world has a source in a parallel or tangential existence and can be accessed without any reference to the physical world. As long as you keep clear of opinion, there is an endless flow of data that can bring clarity into your world. You will notice that all of your development happens when you access the source of its data rather than the interpretation that appears as instructions or method presented to help you learn. Your writing gives you access to the source of anything you wish to explore and now you are feeling its depth without engaging any part of your physical process apart from the pure skill of writing. There is a point where you switch into a different mode and have no other process available. This allows you to collect everything and deliver it without even knowing what you are doing. The seconds go by and time disappears as you enter the mode that takes on a new color and tone.

You are now writing as you would like to write and your style is showing. This is the time for you to disappear into what you are doing and enjoy the delivery of every word.

The world of question and answer is so alive in the history of humanity that it cannot be ignored. Even when there is no need for a question, one appears and the fact that there are many different answers never stops the delivery of the question. All answers are incorrect unless the circumstances and limits are stated and all circumstances change at a moment’s notice. This however, changes nothing and people ask questions until they get the answer they wish to hear. If we ignore what is happening, we ignore some 80’0 of people’s lives and leave everyone feeling empty.

This process of ignoring people’s questions has been prominent for many years and has caused everyone to be careful about questions and particularly about the answers. It may interest you to know that there is a correct answer to every question and it is not based on condition or personal interpretation. It is available from the same source as the question and as soon as you deliver someone’s question to the multi-dimensional universe, it will be matched to the answer and delivered back to you almost immediately.

It is now time to start answering questions by passing it to the universe and relating the response without any doubt or caution based on past experience.

With all this ability, it seems to be a waste of time simply writing about it but there is more. As you write, you enable much more than this obvious ability and you will soon know what that means. Every person in the world gains from what you write and you do not have to deliver it to anyone. As the questions continue, the answers contain more detail and the world progresses because of its connection to the answers of the universe.

Your removal from the everyday concerns of society will increase the connection to society through all the dimensions that support its existence. The depth of your writing will also bring a freshness that will allow every person to support and pursue something that will give them deep pleasure and satisfaction in every moment of their life.

Your writing is now disconnected from any standard and can continue without restriction to grow as a unique gift to the world. All the different purposes for writing will now revert to the original and you will feel free to extend yourself and deliver more than you have until now. Your handwriting is your real skill and its delivery will always provide more than any other medium you can use. Once you see this to be a reality, you will extend your scope and relax into the regular process of writing for enjoyment.

All the stories that come to you will hold a special energy once they are delivered by hand and the conversion to print will allow for the necessary editing for that particular process.

The simplicity of your being will encourage the process of technology in your organization. This may seem to be the opposite to what would normally be expected but you will see it happen and the resulting growth will show almost immediately. As you write and move further away from the detail of technology, it will grow to fill the gap and provide what is needed in your life.

As you write, there is a movement in everything and the flow changes to provide sustenance for the progress of life. It is not important to explain but it is important to know that this is happening. Each time you access your origin, there is a change in the flow that cannot be equaled by any other action. All possibilities become available and the true reality becomes available to everyone.

Special assistance is given as you write and this you have always known. This assistance is not for you but for all those who are able to feel the flow and take advantage of the Miracle of its presence. There has always been a reason for writing but the knowledge of its effect on the world has never been revealed. You are now in a position where you can appreciate this reality and free yourself to proceed with your skill and enhance its importance in your everyday life.

As your physical requirements are simplified, you will see that your real attributes and skills come into focus. Your ease in the skill of writing becomes important and every word takes you to another level of excitement in your vision of the future.

There is no need to pursue another direction when everything is held within the simplicity of your own being. Continue to reveal that simplicity and everyone around you will open the doors that appear in the physical world. Without your simplicity, the world remains complex and difficult to handle but as your simplicity touches the world, it becomes a wealth of excitement and opportunity for people to explore.

What you have written has much to offer but little to know. It has driven deep into a world that is seldom visited and has given you direction without any instruction. This is the power of your presence in a world of Magic and Miracles.