Robert Wrote by Hand 1-11-14


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Once you see the real image of where you are heading and what you are doing next, you will have a much more expanded purpose to base your business on.  This is where your writing will carry much more weight in the support of your endeavor.  Regular advice and discussion concerning each step along the way will gradually grow into a function that is essential to guide you in a way that has never been attempted before.

The process of development will be unique and the knowledge you gain will be more useful than can be explained at the present moment.   You have reached a turning point where you are now ready to re-enter the commercial world and use the latest technology to demonstrate how successful you can be in building a solid income stream.

Before the week is completed, you will have all the basic data you need and you will have a printer on its way.  This positive move will lock everything in place and start the flow in your direction.  Many new things will fall into place and you will see possibilities that you have never seen before.

All the time that is available to you will be filled with purpose and you will know that your new direction contains everything you could wish for.

Now that the vision is clear, it is time to use your skill to make it grow and bring reality to the new dimension you are about to explore.  To do this, you must be able to see what you are building and all the steps must be detailed so that others can follow.  This has never been the way you worked but this time it is necessary to bring in the detail and functionality that will be needed to handle the enormous growth that will follow.  The time to start building your structure is right now and not after it has momentum.  No time will be lost if you take on the full picture and open your development to everyone.  At this point, documentation will build your future and policy will arise naturally as the document trail becomes your history.  You are not only expanding an idea, you are building a business that will support many people and will continue long after it has outgrown your intimate control.

The process is easy, once you take the first step and decide the format that most suits your process.  You have already sampled many programs that are suitable for your purpose and now the picture can take on a true form and all your activities of the past will make themselves known in a new way so that they are of use in the future.

Without going into detail, you are able to expand your picture of the future and see how it will all work and your tendency to stop at that point will now be put to one side so that the physical reality can come to life.

The focus of your writing will now change and it will be directed towards your development in the physical world.  Enjoy the process and feel free to direct all your focus in this direction.  It is time for physical movement and time for you to enjoy the interaction with this new technology.