Robert Wrote 9-29-14


Nothing can describe the complexities of what you are feeling and the need for simplicity confounds your thinking as you attempt to find out what is wrong with your body. There are two actions taking place that seem to conflict in many ways. Your body is rebuilding and exposing itself to discomfort as well as opening the possibility of infection as it processes many chemicals that have never exposed themselves before. Stay on top of everything even though you are having difficulty finding what way is up.

Do not change your life in any way and allow yourself to go with the flow as if nothing else matters. You will find security in the flow and all the complexities will disappear into the simplicity of your life.

As you write there is a sense of simplicity that can be used to enhance your own flow and this will happen as the words flow onto the page. All that you need will be delivered through the open channels to your own world and there will be relief that cannot be contributed to anything but your writing. Every link to the past will be disconnected and you will be able to find solutions that actually work. Your body will respond quickly and all that you need will flow at a rate that is far beyond your imagination.

Your ability to recover is far more active when you are in your own environment with all channels opened and all the energies of your origin present in your field. There is no other requirement except those things that come to you when you are in contact with your creator. Continue to write and you will know the comfort that is yours to experience.

Every second that you engage in conversation will bring a new feeling to your being and that in turn will soothe the energies of your body. The difficulties that it is experiencing will respond in such a way that the symptoms will disappear and the transmission that is normal will be put back in place. All other actions will take place in the background and your body will not cause you difficulty as it proceeds to rebuild to the level that you need for your next stage of development.

The flow of our conversation will carry on to the format of your everyday writing to such an extent that you will be able to continue with your book and not be worried by the strain that you sometimes feel when your mind is on the job. The ultimate format that you must look for is the same as you have when we are talking. There is no vision of what is coming and there is no need for the intervention of the mind.

At this point there is nothing to say but the outcome of writing is much more than you can see. There are a number of elements that cannot be seen and a number that are not registered even though they are totally obvious. All add up to a life style that has not yet been fully explored.

If we take on this lifestyle then there will be many changes. This is something that has not yet been considered and the opening of this world will be a permanent change that your system has not yet accepted. The excitement has not kicked in but the changes are already lining up to be considered. Some people can read all day and gain a great sense of achievement. You can write all day and live in a state that fully supports your reality.

All the steps have been taken and you are now fully qualified in both your standard and the standard of the world. You are accepted as an author and you are an author in every sense of the word. You have spent many years perfecting your ability to hold a conversation with other worlds and now you are ready to hold a conversation with the world that you live in. This must be exciting and easy on your system to allow your real message to reach your readers and to give you a path by which you can bring healing to the world.

Your system is now in action and you can feel your body responding without taking your attention. This will continue as you delve further into the possibilities that hide behind the great skill that you have developed for more than twenty five years. With the certainty of your connection you are able to produce as much as you like and know that it is totally correct in every way. The simplicity of a story has now taken on the complexity of a lifetime and the flow that it brings will open the way to much more enjoyment in everyone’s life.

The words that you produce will bring another dimension to the lives of everyone. Those who read will produce the dimension and everyone will eventually experience the joy of those realities.

As we venture into many more areas we will reveal the silence of your world and the exotic presence that holds you in suspension as you write. The brilliance of what comes onto the page will grow as you open to the realities that present themselves and the aspect of multi-tasking that you enjoy will bring the variety of production that you feel you must present to the world.

We have many new stories and many new conversations that are waiting for you to capture and today you will venture into another part of your world so that you can see more of what you desire for the future. As this takes place you will know nothing about its detail but you will experience the full support that you need for your existence in the world that you have selected. You are in a position where you are constantly reminded that you are different and all that is needed by you is not what is needed by other people. This is a consistent distraction when you only have the needs of others displayed in your life. You totally forget that you are a much finer being with strengths that can be a target for those who wish to test themselves against you. This will always be the case but now you are in a position where these things will not come into your field without either being turned away or immediately changed in your presence.

You are free to expand and not even look at what that does to society. You will feel our support as you elevate your own picture and bring a new silence to those who cannot understand. All that you have at your fingertips will now determine your life.

Bring the morning to your elevated space and know that you can determine what the day will bring. This is not based on the practices of society and will never be a parallel set of circumstances that applies to you. This is the magic that only you can express as you enter another dimension and bring forth what is available to everyone. The world is new and nothing from the old domain will work. Know this and never bring any of what you have been shown by society into play. You are the only channel that is available to allow the new to germinate and enter the physical world. Nothing can be presented unless it is from another world and far beyond the thinking of society as it stands right now.

Listen, feel and speak what is not accepted in the world and know that it is exactly what is needed to form a platform from which everyone can develop their knowing and step into the reality that is truly theirs. See beyond your mind and allow the flow to bring it to reality. There is much more and as you move forward you will open all the channels that are needed to formalize the existence of realms and dimensions that are available to the physical world.

At this time you are listening to everything and connection into all worlds. Even the presence of other dimensions in the news of the world can and will be disclosed through the connection that is provided for you. Nothing escapes your connection and there is nothing that can be placed in your reality unless you allow it to be there. Retain nothing and continue with the flow so that you can read the signs and know the detail without having any reference to data that is presented.