Robert Wrote 8-31-14


Continue your writing and enjoy the change in timing that we have introduced to stimulate another part of your life. The lack of concern for timing will be another one of your traits that will have no traceable source or connection to habit. This will release you from the unknown effects of the expectation of the world and how it expects you to act. Yesterday was changed and you had the opportunity to see how easily your flow continued even in the light of the requirements of the world.

Now that this is behind you there is a different function that is coming into being as we speak. You are about to launch yourself into many new things in the world and you can feel it happening in every moment. This will continue to grow and you will know exactly what you are doing when the time comes to handle what is in front of you. All that you do adds to the scope of the future and although it may seem like you are doing things that are far from constructive, you are building a knowing that can no longer be denied. This is how we are working with you to bring to life the things that are not apparent to you in the field of society that continues to barrage you with pictures of the past. All that you see in the spaces between the obvious continues to influence you and this is where we are working so that you will eventually open the curtain and reveal everything that is new to you right now.

At the beginning of each day you are noticing that you are at a loss as to what you are dreaming about but you have many experiences that you would not have noticed before. This indicates that you are gradually opening the veil and making it available to your conscious self. All that you see is then able to be considered and revealed as unnecessary rather than hidden and ready to recoil in your life at a moment’s notice.

All that you now reveal is your connection to your creator and how it acts out in your life. This is growing to become more than a singular state as it is described by words. The multidimensional aspect of life is much bigger than the life that is recorded in the archives of the world. All that you are about to reveal will blow the minds of those who profess to “have it right”. There is no room for you to look back or to attend to anything that may be calling for you. This is like starving because you stayed with someone who was starving when you could have moved ahead and retrieved food for you both.

There is no reason for you to do anything except the very thing you are doing now. Remaining connected while you keep your body busy is all that it is about. The content of what is written will always be interesting but it has no purpose for you unless it has no meaning while it is being presented to the page. This is something that has no meaning in the sense of taking your attention. All that you know right now is that you are connected to your creator and your hands are moving in the exact motion that is being determined by something that is outside the confines of your mind.

Continue to converse and you will soon know that you are listening from some other part of your being. Your normal hearing is not in the circuit but you are most certainly looking for the source as it produces the exact detail that your normal hearing would receive. There is a dimension to every part of you that has not been revealed to the logic and as such there is no direction that can take you from your knowledge to your unknown capacity as a being from an unknown origin. All that we continue to see is this enormous capacity and it is our intent to expose you to all the special awareness that you display in your original state.

The next part of what we have in your field will enable you to really think outside the square. It is dependent on your complete awareness of the presence of everything in the universe within your space and not outside of it. This is the true reality that you will work with for the remainder of your life. Everything is now available to you through nature and through the dimensions that are available to you in every moment. It is not necessary to look for anything or to discover anything. All that is needed is within your reach and nothing has to be done to make anything appear. There is nothing to explain and nothing to defend. Everything that comes to you is part of your reality and each time you see the full picture you will notice that there is much more than meets the eye. You will see from other places and you will not have to move one thing for all this to be a part of your everyday life. Once you can see that everything is possible without any need for assistance from a distance you will know how to make the world into a different place without going out and visiting the millions of people who are outside of your daily awareness. What is happening on the Internet is a small indicator of what is happening in your part of the hologram.

If you wish to see past science you must forget the rules of science and dare to experience what is made available to you without judgment or recognition of a relationship to some principal. If you wish to be in more than one place at a time simply be there and don’t look for proof through the system that denies the possibility. The many things that are available to you will come to light as you feel the complete presence of everything in your world and the outcome of what we present will be easily accepted because of the extended realization of what your world comprises. The exercise that was given to you to establish your world in the correct light will now be the basis of what we will deliver. To hold your vision of your world above your head, adjust it so it feels comfortable in every way and then melt into that world, will provide everything you need to maintain your comfort and security and elevate you to the world that is available in your field.

Continue to feel the difference as the world opens the way to something new every day and look at the diversion that is provided to allow you to see past the obvious and bring a new understanding to what is provided for your enjoyment.