Freedom of Spirit 5-3-18

Freedom of spirit is sometimes difficult to find when you are busy with the normal requirements of society, however there is no need to find it if you are conscious of the magnificence of your being. All freedom lies in your magnificence, and there is no need to be concerned about finding anything. Freedom exists in your immense presence, and once you are aware of this you can expand past all other things, to find your spirit bouncing around waiting to play. The requirements of society simply fall into the background and are completed with very little focus at all.

Now that you have opened the flow there is nothing to see but the freedom and rhythm of your writing. There are no limitations and no regulations. The content is of no concern and what is happening is not to be analyzed in any way. The flow continues and that is perfect. The channels that you need are opening with every word and the scene is being set for another beautiful but revealing session. There is nothing to do at this time but to be aware of the super intelligence that is appearing in your presence. You are surpassing all logic and continuing to absorb data at a rate that is beyond the logical mind. We are at the point where you will not be interested in some of the things that are available, but we will continue and allow your natural filter to work in the background.

Every moment of every day is filled with activity, and that activity is available for you to write, but imagine if you had just one word from each person on Earth, you would be writing forever. When you take the observations of every being from the outer reaches, you have to move forward into the ultimate awareness of your super intelligence to bring relevant news that is both acceptable, and of use in the expansion of the human experience. To this end we have taken the flow into your field and allowed you to sample what is there so it can be delivered as an overall precis of the events you are experiencing.

The unique vibration of each being, is the subject that comes to the surface at the moment, and its capability of changing from moment to moment, depending on what is felt in and around your being. There is much data available on how this happens but there is nothing like the detail that is flowing at the present moment. There is a signature, over and above your divine signature, that sets your phase of ability and your mastery of a particular pattern of vibrations. The signature is held in the name given and the history associated with the name. This name can be general, like athlete, dancer etc. or can be a person or personality, like Buddha, Jesus or any of the masters that walked the earth. This can be expanded further to being a Space Commander, Cadet or even an angel. If you declare that you intend to vibrate with the signature of any of these particular names or categories, your special magic will kick into gear and you will feel yourself aligning to what you have declared.

This is a special experience available to everyone, and if it is taken on fully you will find your life changing to support the category you have declared as your vibration. Even declaring that you intend to vibrate with the signature of “happy” you will find your world aligning to everything happy. The combinations available are not limited, and you will find that if you select a master who has walked the earth, the unique vibration will hold a combination that includes everything you could wish for. All you have to do is be aware of the selection, and that unique vibration will grow in your field and in your body, to ultimately produce your version of the most advanced mastery known to mankind.

Once again we stress the simplicity and lack of formality. It is as simple as putting on a coat and feeling what it is like. You will naturally feel comfortable and protected by the vibration and there is no need to do anything but place on the coat. It is just as easy to take off the coat and try something else. Sometimes a quick trial is all you need to determine that you need nothing but your own unique combination of vibrations. This is a good way to strengthen your personal confidence in your own mastery, and your measure of your own performance can change considerably, if it is ready to do so.

There are many times in life when you wish you could display a special gift that could help or heal a person or situation. All you have to do is see the coat, or signature, that holds what you are looking for. Declare it to be yours for as long as it is needed, then watch the miracle come to life in exactly the way you imagined, but with a much better result than you ever expected.