Robert Wrote 5-21-14


The shifting sands mean nothing when you look at movement of the future through the eyes of the unknown and consider the beauty of how you feel. This is the opening to a new way of life that happens every time you consciously move your focus forward and listen and look all at the same time. The elegance of life itself appears in your field and encourages the love and excitement that rebuilds the very core of your existence.

Your reference point in life disappears and there is a knowing that there is not one thing in particular taking your attention. This brings a sense of relaxation that releases all sensations of stress and anxiety and sends them into the ethers to be reformatted as wisping colours of beauty and aroma. The world around you is suddenly filled with something special and your physical appearance reflects your experience.

This all happens in a moment … and there is nothing to pay as a result.

All that needs to be done will be done and all that you would like to do will also be done and there will be no need to organise anything. This is the world of magic and miracles that works automatically and needs no encouragement apart from your total devotion to the elegance of life itself.

The simplicity of life and everything in it now shows its hand and brings to your being much more than could ever be possible by any of the physical experiences listed in the archives of the world. Simplicity allows you to stretch beyond all known standards and access the gems of life that are only known to the special part of your being that we all know to be beyond explanation. All words fail when simplicity is alive and the action of the human entity surpasses our world and every expectation that it brings. You have reached your ultimate standard where all you can do is smile.

Enjoy your day and watch for the movement that indicates your sense of the future is appearing around you to elevate and improve your life. This will excite and delight you each time it happens but will have no real story that can be passed on to those around you.