Robert Wrote 5-11-14



Your project at this time is writing and your aim is to publish this aspect of your life. There are no other driving factors except life itself and the excellence that surrounds you because you are relaxed and interested in what you are doing. Writing provides this outlet and gives you a new approach to all the interests you have in life. It is important that you produce business cards that include all your activities including Owner/Director and Independent Author.

To proceed without any deviation to the path that you are comfortable with you must continue with the activity that holds it all together and set a task for yourself that can be called your current project. Writing is a bit general for public exposure but writing a book titled “Here You Are” … “A gift from Humanity” opens the way for much more speculation and excitement. It also forces you to reveal a short summary of what you intend to write. All this broadens your field and brings focus at the same time.

Be professional in the preparation of your business card, just as you are for the presentation of your book covers. A small and colourful brochure describing your purpose will follow for everyone to use as part of their business build-up and support.

You are entering another phase where your unique outlook on everything will be shown in the lives and activities of all those around you. All that is needed is a small input in that direction and it will grow to where the activity continues under its own momentum. Remember that you are all creating an entity that has value and character based on standards that cannot be captured.

It is not necessary to take this any further at this stage because the seed has been sown and the momentum is there to carry it on tho it’s ultimate conclusion. It is necessary however to continue writing as you are now to open the channels once again and bring to life the characters who support your stories and speak directly to you when you decide to listen.

Your attention has been taken on many important activities but now you are about to overlay everything with a new intention that has extreme impact on the way your life is presented to the world. As you continue to write and complete your various sessions you will feel the infusion of an energy that contains all that you need to progress with everything that you bring into your field. This comes from the base activity that you are aware of which is writing in its truest form. This cannot be explained but it is active in your being and recognised by everyone once you display your work to the world. You are in the process of displaying your work to the world simply by putting it on paper as you are now. The follow-up process is not important as it is attached to the energy field that you present with each of your works and will happen without any need for your concern.

Every part of what you do is encapsulated in a field that cannot be duplicated by anyone. This is why people have a connection to you rather than anyone who can represent you. The more you write, the more you will feel the new connection that enables you to progress without losing contact with anyone and without being held down by the needs of others. You are now presenting to yourself the skill that has no equal and no exact definition in a physical sense. This skill is multidimensional in every sense of the word and cannot be restricted by definition however there needs to be a short series of pictures that can be delivered to the world to express your skill. A series of special statements taken from your writing with an appropriate picture to capture people’s attention will present a simple but multi-faceted picture of your skill and your purpose.

Listen to what comes to you and deliver without concern. This will produce more than you can ever want or need in your life. The outcome will be beyond all your dreams and exactly what your being expects a part of your life in the physical realm.

What you have established for yourself in your present writing position is more than suitable for your task and all other activities will add to what you have. This is all that you need to know for now and the establishment of any other facility will follow by the intervention of those around you. Continue to take yourself into the place where you know you must be and allow the world to look on with amazement. There is nothing you can do to make this any clearer to anyone and nothing you need to do to make it safer for exposure in the world.

As you walk into the familiar realms that have been closed off to prevent damage you will see that the waters have calmed and there is no need for you to protect the access way for fear of destruction from external sources. You are free to enter and leave at will and the protection of the angelic realm is in place and secure against interference of any nature. This is the security and harmony that you have delivered and now you are able to enjoy the elegance of your own world no matter where you are in the universe.

It is important for you to remember that you are not in a position to accommodate the physical world and its pictures unless you reside in the multidimensional world that supports your being. If you reside in your world in the true sense then there is no need to accommodate the physical world because it is no longer separate.

As you enter your familiar realms you will notice that your sense of belonging comes back quickly and the long time of being away fades into the background. For a long time you have been weary of many things and now you will allow that to disappear as you delve into new areas and escape the feeling of rejection that comes each time you step outside the limitations that have no meaning in your world. The movement forward that only you can know will now take on many new forms and deliver many familiar experiences that have been rejected throughout your life in the physical plane. Step beyond and know that this is where you belong every moment of every day.