The Perfect Message 4/25/18

There will never be a time when it is inconvenient for the message to be delivered into the physical world. Everything is synchronized in a natural but random manner which has nothing to do with time. The perfect message is always available and it will appear in front of you as you open your eyes to its presence. This is always the way but not necessarily the format. Your writing will take many forms but it will always deliver the best message that is available, and will suit any time, place or circumstance in each of the individual worlds where it is destined to appear.

Today is another special day, full of variety and excitement and stacked with energy for the introduction of so many new things in everyone’s life. The magic of the day will burst forth with many sparkles and will conjure up new and exciting experiences for us all to enjoy. Listen and remain vigilant for there are many special messages floating in the air for you to enjoy. All that you feel will be noticed by all and all that you sense will be exciting and full of joy. This is the outlook for the day and there is always much more.

The development of flow starts with your writing and ends with the next writing only to start anew. This is the reason for the constant drive to pass on the words and deliver the background feelings that surge through your being every day. There is nothing better than surpassing the need and actually stepping into the flow as an active experience that has no perceived description apart from perfection in its own dimension. As you proceed there will be more data delivered to your flow and you will continue to be surprised by the outcome, even though you have no real description of what is happening. As you write the channels of communication open to all the areas of the universe and beyond. This continues as you deliver words to the page and much of what appears means nothing until it is all delivered as a package of reality that you have not known before.

At the beginning of the session you were using word transformation but now you are following the flow in a totally different manner. There is a new format which cannot be captured by any other means than allowing the flow to take over and bring in what it needs to deliver through unknown and unexplored channels. This is happening right now and from this delivery you will start to communicate at a much higher level than you thought possible. What you have collected in your field will be dissipated and you will feel that you know nothing, but by some means you will still deliver amazing revelations from the sources contributing to the flow you are now experiencing. There is no need for you to remember anything when you are confident enough to tap into the flow and maintain the open channels throughout the day. In fact you will not be able to remember, but you will have access to everything each time a subject is brought to you in the physical world. If there is no need for delivery of data into the world there will be no flow, but this will never happen because of the inquisitive nature of humanity and its need to continue advancing at all cost.

You have broken into a new phase of communication and it may take a little time for it to attach itself to your being, however there is no need to work at it for the attachment to happen. When you open to the flow, it is there and when you find yourself lost all you have to do is write, and all will be well again. In the long run, you will find this to be an integral part of your nature and there will be no need for explanation but there is always more and continued development will be part of the flow.

The greatest advantage in being attached to the flow is that your physical brain is fully occupied and has no chance of manufacturing various interpretations, as it is capable of doing. This is new but you have no area for deviation because of the flow, and the comfort level increases as you relax and allow your natural rhythm to take on a major part of the process.

We are now ready to talk in a different way and watch to see if your rhythm continues. This will allow new detail to enter your world without raising red flags and causing disruption. We are from another galaxy as you are aware but we are one in voice as we deliver data into your field. It is a function known as frequency linguistics and is followed by those who are able to communicate to any person no matter what language they speak. We all know of our multiple existences but we combine to deliver a single message from multiple sources and have that message appear in and around the messages you deliver. These same messages are available in any language but the main language is whatever you speak and the understanding that you have right now. We are extending the level of understanding by simply communicating as we do but your input has enhanced the message and taken it to a new level.

Because of this we are able to tell you that there is a major flow of information that has been hijacked by technology and manipulated to sound like something different. We are reformatting that flow and delivering it to you in large lumps so that it can be delivered to humanity for access whenever and however it is desired. Much of the highly technical items have been taken over by research organizations and have been declared too complicated for the average person. However the average person is more qualified to take on the technologies than any highly financed organization. What is in the flow will allow many to understand without being so-called experts in any particular field. The data will be made available in a hidden form as well as in detail but the hidden form will simply be transferred to people by universal osmosis that cannot be detected or captured by those who would like to own the data.

As we speak much of this data is being transmitted and you will see from the flow that people’s ears are waiting to hear and their eyes are waiting to see what it is we are revealing. This is the purpose of the flow. All that anyone needs to know is available and the complex string of events which reveals individual data to individual people is transmitted from the flow so that it will be picked up and followed by those it is meant for. So the obvious word content of your writing is not the real message, the real message is transmitted so that you are free to write whatever comes and accept the transmission as part of the process. Once the real transmission is out into the world it is easy to broach new subjects in real terms and talk at another level altogether. The real message can be repeated because it is common knowledge and no one person can own it.

As you consider what the flow may bring, we can say that there is a full program of revelation that we have entered into, and you are being readied for the delivery of this new series in the very near future. We have everything in place and will be treating you to a new energy flow to assist in this delivery. We look forward to the experience and know that you are excited at the prospects that are offering themselves for acceptance in your life.