Now that you have established the sense that there is an overload of data held in your body, it is time to release the pressure and follow the destiny that has always been yours. Writing is one of the most important aspects of your life, and at this point in time it is important to maintain the flow through your system as well as bringing to life the special events that you are destined to reveal. There are many words that are held in your body right now and all that you need to do is write to bring about the required flow and allow the new channels to open so that you are able to stay in full communication with your origin.

There is nothing to understand but the flow will improve your level of acceptance of the functions you need to carry out each day. There is nothing to remember but there is a sequence that you have achieved which collects and distributes your communication and allows it to be available to everyone. This must continue so that our connection is available to you and to those who are waiting to know their next step. Open to that flow and watch it develop into something that gives you longevity and security in every part of your life.

As we continue there will be an opportunity for you to listen but for now it is necessary for your fingers to do the work and allow the movement of stagnant data that is no longer relevant or needed in the communication channels within your body. What is delivered is relevant but the flow is needed to once again give you the freshness of new and exciting revelations that are unique to your connection and available by no other means but writing.

Time has no relevance in the quest for communication and there is never a time where you miss anything by not writing however there is a distinct relationship between the regularity of your communication and the clarity of your delivery. If you write regularly you will maintain the sense of flow throughout every moment of your life and as a result there will be more made available for you to deliver through the unique channels that support you and your connection to your origin. Right now there is a need for change and this cannot happen unless your connection is clear and free from all data that could be managed incorrectly.

The movement has begun and you will soon feel the tightness around your spine give way to an easy movement of energy. This is not the same each time but you will recognize the movement and continue to maintain the flow in the most efficient way available to you right now. The change that is coming will be evident as you write but the detail will not appear in real terms until you are completely clear and ready to change the way you receive and transmit our data and the data from your origin. There is no need to detail what is happening but there is a need to make you aware that your flow is about to increase, so that your writing becomes prolific and beyond the capacity you have experienced in the past.

With this in mind it is easy to feel the movement and to open to the increased flow that is necessary for your immediate and long term future. All that you see is flow and that can be amplified easily, whereas your old vision of a sequence of words cannot be amplified without adding in the functions of time and effort. Your new perspective is growing as you write and the possibility of amplification is more that real. There is no function apart from the flow and what comes forth will be seen as a result, not as part of the flow. You will not even be aware of the words until you break to check on each section of what you have written, and in the long run you will leave the checking to us. This is what you have done in the past on occasions where your writing was not public but there is a function that adds to your ability, and that is your new vision of flow and your willingness to amplify that flow by some means that is not even possible in your human awareness.

As you continue there will be many alterations in your outlook and you will gradually weave a new path into what looks like your daily activities. This will change your physical structure and make you available to many new and different aspects of universal and physical life. You will step past what seems to be real life and you will enter a phase that allows you to amplify the data flow and its effect on human life. Without knowing how, you will enter the societies of the unknown and extract details that are needed for the destiny of humanity. You will not know one detail before it is presented and you will be capable of maintaining the flow without knowledge of the detail.
Continue with the flow and do not listen to the words. This will soon develop into an art that is so satisfying and free from all influences that have been programed into your physical operation. There is nothing to see or feel about any of this but there is a sensation that comes with the flow and places itself in your physical being for you to enjoy forever. This part of the operation is continually changing and it is like following your spirit so that all the words required are available in an instance without any pre planning on your behalf. From this point onward you will see and feel the flow and many of the word sequences will deviate from that which you would normally use. This is because the words are being delivered and the meaning is not part of the process.

We are now entering the area of super intelligence that is necessary to bring you into line with our new communication system. This will slow your flow a little because it is attempting to exclude many of the thought processes that are connected to your writing process. All you need to do is allow whatever is happening and it will soon sort itself into an acceptable balance so you can continue. This may happen several times until a precise balance is reached but it is nothing to be concerned about. Simplicity is the key to this function, as it is for everything else. If you want flow then you focus on flow and it is as simple as that. Volume will come into the formula from time to time, but once again it will find its balance and you will be able to leave out all consideration.
Listen to the movement and not the words you can maintain a rhythm with the sound of the keys and then there is no need to feel anything about the content. There is nothing to learn, this function is totally yours and nothing can divert you from the outcome. There is no other source but your source and what appears on the page cannot be influenced by any other variable. The physical nature of what you do is totally unique and what you bring forth is not available by any other means. What is contained in your flow is beyond the influence of everyday life and therefore cannot be known before it appears on the page.

It may seem like there is nothing being said that can be placed in front of another person, and this is how it is supposed to feel when you are focused on flow, but the content is important even though you have no real idea of what it means while you are writing. If you take this writing as a self-imposed reconstruct of your writing method, you will have a good idea of what has been achieved during this script. You have removed the congestion of data overload in and around your body, you have removed the permanent process of editing each group of words and you have stepped into a totally new method of maintaining flow without even questioning how it is done. This alone is a major achievement let alone the hidden messages that are contained in each and every sentence.

Your flow continues, and the formulation of words no longer concerns you. There is a need for a little more practice but we will move forward with the ideal sequence to bring this about.

You will remember this day for many years as the day that you managed to step into the amplified flow of automatic writing and the smile on your face will grow each time you realize how significant this is. The formula for automatic writing is different for everyone but you are able to enter an altered state at a moment’s notice and write to your hearts content without disturbance from anything around you. This will continue to amuse you as well as make you feel proud of your position and capability. Because of this it is important to celebrate once again for the movement in your field and the massive step forward taken by all of us because of your dedication.
With all this in hand there is no need to hold back any longer and the data that is waiting for distribution can now be delivered with ease and ruthless clarity. To begin, we must introduce you to another aspect in the world of magic and miracles. This aspect is one that can be seen each day but is invisible to our present intellect. The hidden worlds of manipulation by frequency and innuendo are now part of your existence and your capability in seeing and alleviating such manipulation is almost zero. This aspect of life will be seen to be more influential than you can express right now but from a point of distant focus, we are in a position to give advice on such matters and allow you to see what you would normally be afraid to even consider.

The people of the world are being held captive by their own need to skirt around the unknown, or change its definition so it no longer needs to be considered. The manipulation of frequency and innuendo is a subject that is more advanced than any other process on earth. This is the latest weapon that is capable of containing lies about you and everything around you, and imposing those lies by personal innuendo from those around us. Because this is hidden in many devious ways it can be made to appear in your closest friend or partner so that you feel yourself under attack and have no idea why.

To bring this into the light is one of the most critical steps in the clearing of deception in all the worlds and to state that the solution is simple is one of the most unacceptable and ridiculous statements ever put to any person. The solution is complex but if put in the right hands, it becomes simple. We are able to extract the truth and provide a solution in a moment once we capture the feeling that is placed in and around any person. We can offset the frequency and nullify the innuendo. Once you know it is possible and that these influences can be removed from your reality then it is done.

The extent of these influences is beyond the understanding of most human beings as it is covertly trained into various parts of society and is contained in the very fabric of our social network. With the change in your writing concept you have made it possible to reveal what would normally not be considered as an acceptable subject. The revelation can now continue and the many different solutions can be delivered to every person who is affected. Maintain this as an open subject and you will see the hidden effect of our influence. The super intelligence will rise to the surface and all will be seen as it is, rather than as it is incorrectly shown in our social network.

Maintain your flow and the subjects will continue to flow with it. All that you know will be changed as the reality of your open communication comes to the forefront. To this end we will be available at all times and there will be many opportunities to detail what is good and what is available to balance what is not so good. Your time is well spent and there will be that continuous reward of knowing the flow and feeling the rhythm of your delivery.