Our Physical Constitution


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“Just like nature, we have the raw potential to regenerate and recover, even when we look and feel the worst.

There is an aura around everything that reveals something more than the image and this can be enhanced by the simple acknowledgement of its presence.

Our physical constitution is made up of many things but nothing is as powerful as that special aura that indicates to everyone the unique spark within.

As we each know and feel our potential, we will start to work with the unseen energies that nourish our being and hold our physical body in perfect balance. This will bring new skills to our attention that have nothing to do with those recorded in the world at the present time.

If we can see the potential in a single tree then imagine the potential of a single person. We are much more than we can imagine and much more than has ever been recorded in the world.

We have the potential to rise above everything and to change ourselves and the world at a moments notice. It is now time to let that raw potential loose, to demonstrate itself in the world and enhance society by its mere presence.”

Everything is new!
Along with Robert’s vast YouTube library (many of you have discovered Robert by “happening” upon one of his talks), there is now a new avenue or route to experience Robert.
His Blog is:  robertworks.us“Our Physical Constitution” was one of Robert’s first entries on his Blog.  Our dear friend, Lisa (hosts “CryFreedomRadio.com, a wonderful talk radio show aired every Wednesday in the U.K.) read it and decided to feature it on her show this past Wednesday.

Robert and I listened to the show and at the end, Lisa read “Our Physical Constitution”. The background music and her beautiful English accent made us so thrilled to know that her vast audience was receiving this important message.
You will hear Lisa’s introduction and her reading.

Something else is new as well. At the same time Robert was setting up his new Blog, he set one up for me:  barbaraworks.com  where I share the magic and miracles and the amazing experience of my life with Robert.


Love and Harmony,


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Nature’s Raw Potential

Igual que la naturaleza tenemos nosotros el potencial puro de regenerarnos y convalecer incluso cuando nos parecemos y nos sentimos de lo peor.

Hay un aura alrededor de todo que revela algo más que la imagen y ello puede ser amplificado simplemente reconociendo su presencia.

Nuestra constitución física consiste de muchas cosas pero no hay nada tan poderoso como ese aura especial que indica a todos la chispa única que contienen.

Como cada uno de nosotros conocemos y sentimos nuestro potencial empezaremos a trabajar con las energías invisibles que nutren nuestro ser y mantienen nuestro cuerpo físico en perfecto equilibrio. Eso traerá nuevas habilidades a nuestra atención que no tienen nada que ver con las registradas en el mundo en el tiempo presente.

Si podemos ver el potencial en un solo árbol entonces imaginen el potencial de una sola persona. Somos mucho más de lo que nos podemos imaginar y mucho más de lo que se haya registrado en el mundo jamás.

Tenemos el potencial de sobreponernos a todo y cambiarnos a nosotros mismos y el mundo de inmediato. Ahora es el momento de soltar ese potencial puro, a fin de que se muestre a sí mismo en el mundo y mejore la sociedad por medio de su mera presencia.