One Simple Action 11.5.16

Let us look further into what we are looking at in terms of our everyday life and take on the attitude that nothing is beyond any of us. This constitutes a conflict with many of our past experiences and many of the capabilities that we display at the moment and makes it obvious that we have to be either “out of our mind” or looking at something very different to what we are considering. Both are probably the case, but for the moment let us consider the latter. We are looking at something very different and it is therefore hard to recognize with our logical cognitive processes. If we look at our ability to recognize a person or event when we have no previous knowledge of either we can see that there is no process for us to reconcile. By some means or another we suddenly recognize something and we switch into a space of total elation and react with joy and excitement.

The magic behind all of this has been hidden by the lack of understanding, but now we are in a position where we can join the possible and impossible in a dance that makes miracles totally normal in our everyday life. If you look at the things that are impossible at this point, you will continue to experience the impossibility. However, once you look at the so-called impossible things that are actually happening to everyone, your perspective changes and so does your view of the impossible. Your personal assessment of what is possible and what is impossible quickly changes and you gradually find the ability to expand your reality to include impossibilities without the need for understanding.

It is not necessary for anyone to perform in the way that has been passed down over the ages. Each person has a majestic capability to do everything differently even when fixed methods are programmed into our lives. There is no need to prove anything to anyone but yourself, and this can be done in any number of different ways that seem to appear out of nowhere and make you smile without having any logical reason. The value of one simple action or thought can multiply a million or more times and bring abnormal happiness and satisfaction that cannot be explained to anyone. As you enter the mode of feeling good for no obvious reason all the false veils drop, leaving clarity and freedom that encourages perfection in every part of your life.

As we celebrate our new capabilities they become a permanent part of our reality and always remain beyond logical description. It is not the practice or the discipline that makes your being sing, it is the recognition of something from your origin that sparks your majestic being into life and switches on the most powerful energies in the universe. These energies emanate from you in the form of powerful fields that interact positively with everything and multiply your effect of wellbeing for everyone in every possible way.

The most promising part of our future is all around us in recognizable packages waiting for us to open and enjoy. There is no longer any mystery and nothing is hidden. There is nothing specific that must be done and there are no obligations. You are free to make yourself feel as brilliant as you like, and experience the feelings that have always seemed to be out of your reach. There is nothing that can stop you, not even you.