Newsletter for November-The Curtain Opening

The recent events in the world have created so many unanswered questions and the Facebook forum was filled with comments, opinions and rhetoric.  My guidance had me post the following wherever there was an appropriate opening.

I posted this from one of Robert’s writings.
“A single thought that is in opposition to the natural harmony anywhere in the universe and beyond will create turmoil that is amplified through every person’s life. 
A single thought that is in tune with the natural harmony of the universe and beyond will enhance everyone’s life and cancel all turmoil for everyone in a moment.”

In reference to the horror that took place in Paris, the following excerpt is so appropriate.
“This was the opening in the curtain that holds everyone in the endlessly recycled pattern of life. This opening will only remain if you take the big step that is needed to fulfill the movement associated with your magic. 
Never leave a moment undisturbed and you will soon feel the movement that has been missing for many years. Your presence is all that is needed but without the constant movement of those enormous steps forward the curtain of life falls back into place and the endless patterns appear once again. Maintain the disturbance and the magic will grow out of all proportion to support the endless excitement of celebration in every moment.”

Love and Harmony,


We wish you *Perfect Life, Perfect Health and a Magic Future!*