Newsletter for March 2018

Welcome to the World of Magic and Miracles


Welcome to our many new subscribers! In my email of welcome, I always ask how they discovered Robert Young. The answer is always, “I happened on one of his YouTubes and kept watching because he truly “spoke” to my heart.”

Today is Sunday, March 4, 2018, and you received the last newsletter, Christmas Eve, 2017. True, we have ceased broadcasting three times a week and you have not been receiving as much email……but that does not mean that our lives have become quiet. Quite the contrary, it feels busier. A long time ago Robert described his presence here as the one who helps others get over the fence of their dreams that they are climbing. Many in our immediate circle are gaining altitude in their progress (watch for breakthroughs and announcements of events).

As I write, David Best is presenting, “A Bridge to the Sacred Dimension of the Divine Feminine.” His first event was held in San Ramon, California, and today he is in Sacramento. I look forward to his bringing this important and timely event to Santa Barbara.

Yesterday, Kathleen Neff presented “The Cusp of Creation,” a Quantum Gathering, initiating an entirely new experience in the World of Our Creator. This was held in Sacramento.

Let us know of your projects and dreams!

Several women from Sacramento requested an online session with Robert via Zoom. Robert agreed, and this past February 10th, a Saturday at 10:30am, we were all connected!

Now, for something entirely different, and it is with great pleasure that I can share this with you:

U.N.-SWISSINDO: Is this familiar to you? It will be! This is the original United Nations. Here is some really good news! Go to Right before you, you will see “download vouchers.” Do just that. Fill it out, add your passport picture and your thumbprint at the lower right of the picture. Hold on to these vouchers, stay tuned, and I will be guiding you as to the date that you will take these vouchers to a participating bank where you will open an account in order to receive $1,500 a month for Life! (Children will receive $600 every month.) This is for every man, woman and child on the planet.

SWISSINDO’s mission is to “Free humanity from financial and physical burden of the slavery systems, reconnecting to nature, back to basics and back to Source, creating spiritual awareness of aligning Heaven back to Earth.”

As you can see, I am involved in many wonderful things and “There is Always More!”

Once again, stay tuned and you will see the impossibilities turn into reality!

Love and Harmony,