Love Without Seriousness- A Valentine’s Gift

Enjoy the YouTube Video and read along with the Transcription below.  This is a special Transmission from Robert Young.

Transcript- (By Genya Novak)

Well we spent most of the day preparing for this and didn’t know it.  But the last part was real magic, it was in the woods, and I can honestly say that I’m feeling the privilege, once again, of being able to come here, to this earth, and while I was in the woods it was almost identical to how it felt when I arrived, so obviously something really, really special is happening, and I’m feeling the same feeling sitting here.  It’s such a privilege, and it’s been a long time where I’ve had to play everything the way everybody expected, so tonight we’ll attempt to get around that.

I know you all very well from a long time.  And if you’ll forgive me for being careful, we can move past that, because I’ve been very careful up to date. Many of the things that we can transmit are not very acceptable to the body the first time I feel it.  The reaction is worse than the transmission, and so I’ve made sure that I didn’t transmit anything that caused reaction, because you’re all very powerful beings, and any reaction at all hurts you more than anything else, so as we work along, I’ll make sure that I put you into that position where that’s pretty well insulated, so if you feel like your body’s a little bit numb, and you feel like you’re a little bit drowsy, that’s because I’m making sure that you won’t react.  So I’ll just kick things along and go in and out of everything until I feel that I can open up a little bit more, and then I’ll open up to the energies that you can do a lot with, and it’s not necessarily the words, it’s just that feeling that you’re starting to feel in your heart.  It’s very subtle, you can recognize it, and I’m really not doing anything, except saying you know there’s more.  And it’s quite different to everything that we’ve been passing on to everyone so far.  What we’ve passed on to everyone is an extension of what you already know. And we’ve passed on an extension of the energies you know, we’ve also passed on all the combinations.

The area that feels missing to you is the real source, and that real source we can tell you, and you hear me say we and I, flicking backwards and forwards depending on where I’m accessing, so don’t be concerned about that, it’s still me.

0:4:16 The energies that come to you are only a tiny fraction of the energies you contain, and this is what I’m going to play with.  The logic that you have in your brain that you’ve been throwing  away, and throwing away, and throwing away, is actually what you use to make sure that what’s coming to you and what’s going away from you is totally reversed to what you would do if you used your logic. So the only reason you’re using your logic is to make sure that you don’t do it, and you don’t feel it, and you don’t know it the way you have before. The brain is used and it’s used as a focus, it’s not used to decipher.  So the focus we need is hidden totally from us by our brain.  So you have to use your brain to make sure it doesn’t hide the focus. So it does have a use, but the only reason it has a use is because it’s been trained to hide what you need.  As I move along you’ll start to relax with that and you’ll forget about it, but your brain won’t.

0:06:05 Everything that’s going to happen comes from you. The essence of each person I’ve spoken about a lot, and you know that it’s really big.  Excuse my voice, I’m accessing energies that I haven’t used.  And what’s coming to you is very simple, but not at all connected to anything you know, so you’re not going to build on anything.  This is uniquely the source that you know, that you can take with you anywhere, and has no measure at all. It can’t be compared with anything, it can’t be located anywhere, that’s why I was leading everybody to the infinite beyond the infinite, because it’s the closest you can get to nowhere.

So as I talk I’m starting to allow some of the connections to that energy so that it will appear in your heart without you knowing it, and you can feel there’s something there that’s different, and I haven’t really done anything, but you’ll feel its just something in your heart, that’s a little bit of a pressure that’s different to what you’ve had before.  Where we’re going to go is we’re going to open that center of you right up, much more than you’ve ever felt before in your life.  08:15:00 You’ve seen pictures, you’ve studied, you’ve done everything to find that spot (points to heart), and you found it, but then all the theories started, and there are no theories. The center is not within you, it appears within you. It’s not controlled from within you, it is the feed back source right inside you. When I talk about cosmic energies, it doesn’t really have a definition yet, but it’s you, and it comes from you, as a total one-off being.

0:09:26 I’ve been in amongst you before and you do remember me. I’ve sat in front of you many times and I’ve gone through many changes, and you’ve seen me in different forms, and each time I’ve sat with you to show you that it’s all in you. This time we can access everything as we’ve done before, but it’ll be in a much more advanced manner, because we’ll combine both the technical, the advancement of many thousands of years, and the fact that you remember who I am.  The memory is important, and you can feel that memory. And the source of that memory is growing within you, and if you allow me, I’ll show more.  I don’t know that I can give you the right words, but you’re starting to feel something different.  When I sit with the trees they recognize me, when I talk about the fairies they recognize me, and I walk out into the world and no one recognizes me, and I’ve told you all that before, and you can remember.  Even when special things have happened in the world, I was recognized by everyone many, many years after the event, but never at the time. And so I’ve been extremely careful to make sure that all the signals that come into the earth come in all different places, and in different dimensions, and through different channels and through different sources within each one of you, so that the recognition for each one is completely separate, so some of you will recognize what I’m saying from a whole different place to others.  And the main reason you recognize me is because I do sit in a place where I can provide whatever’s needed for any part of the world, for any part of the universe. And so I run around doing all sorts of everyday tasks exactly like you, 13:33 and then I happened to be asked to go to the woods, and the recognition is unbelievable.  There’s no complaint with that, but what there is is an indicator that all the processes of the earth’s education are blanking out your memories, are blanking out the gifts that you have for one another and for the universe, and that’s why you’re all sitting here knowing that you really haven’t tapped who you are yet.  Before we finish tonight we’ll have tapped that, because you asked.  And I’m going to tell you that this is the first time, ever, it’s been asked.

0:14:53 Where we’re about to go is so simple, it gives you endless access to everything.  It is so simple that you can’t see it. And it is so powerful that you will never need anything else in your life again.  The simplicity is beyond belief, and it’s been on your tongue since you were a child.  And each time you smile you can see it.  Each time you smile you can see it.  It’s an essence that is greater than any word that you can give love. It’s Love Without Seriousness.  Feel it.  See how simple it is.  And see where it’ll take you.  It has no hooks.  It has brilliance all the time.  And it takes away everything that you’ve ever had problems with in the world.  And each time you smile you do, you produce it, and you produce the energy that I’m talking about.  As simple as that.  Hidden in front of your face. Exact words.  It’s subtle, it’s powerful. It has no hooks, it has no difficulties. It cures illnesses. It’s relaxing. It’s joyful. Find any word you like, and there it is.  It’s Love Without Seriousness.  So anything that you produce and you call it love, you look, there’s always some touch of seriousness in it, there’s always some blend of something.  Any feeling you have for one another has some touch of seriousness in it, has some question. So I’ve given you a very, very simple vision of what it is, and now I’m going to tell you, it is so enormous, it is bigger than all your lives put together.  It has depth that you cannot imagine.  It has energies that will support the world.  It also supplies infinite energy. It supplies everything you want to do with computers, everything you want to do with power, everything you want to do with anything. And Love Without Seriousness grows flowers.  Every sense that you have will change.  And the energies that flow through you, that you call emotion, will disappear, because living the whole bulk of that Love Without Seriousness changes every definition in your life. It changes chemistry, it changes your blood flow, and your vision.  It allows you to see through things, and it allows you to feel everything.

0:21:14 So the brain can play with that, but it can’t touch it.  Mathematics go backwards because of Love Without Seriousness.  Logic turns upside down and works, because everything we’ve created has been based on conditions.  There’s not one thing that you have that you can state without saying, providing this happens, that will happen, or if this is the case, then that’s the case.  Love Without Seriousness has no case, has no if, has no condition, it’s not even unconditional because that’s another case. So the Love Without Seriousness is what can lift me out of this chair and you as well.

The energies that I’ve been bringing in while I’m talking have been there to burn out all the conditions. And as I’m speaking to people, I’m allowing their energies to accelerate, so that the conditions will gradually burn away, and you’ll get to the point of just smiling and not knowing what else to do. You cannot even get a stiff muscle. There is nothing can go wrong, and if the roof falls down you’ll just look at it and smile, even if it falls on your head.  Everything works with perfection to the extent where you can forget about the word perfection. The whole thing is, it’s all hidden in front of you, in clear sight. And if you have a difficult time, and you suddenly smile, most times it’s gone, because one thing does not come before the other, they’re joined together.

0:24:44 So the smile has a sense with it that generates within everybody something totally different to what you’ve ever experienced before. The real things we’re looking at is to surpass all limitation, and the way to surpass all limitation is with a smile.  You can jump off the roof with a smile on your face and you’ll land but it will be okay.  That (spark) within your heart is very subtle. That little pressure is what connects you to the infinite, what will take you through anything, and what will surpass all things. Because that love that feels like it’s just a pressure comes from you.  All other things come from somewhere else.  It is very fine.  And as we talk about it you can feel the intensity that goes with the smile.

0:27:02 And the love without difficulty, without anything, is now, what is about to change the world in every sense that you can ever imagine.  Each time you look at anything, and you stay in contact with that knowing, it will change.  This is how you do change lead to gold.  You love it without any problems, without any limitation, without any difficulty and with a smile on your face. And your brain will start to try and make all sorts of things out of that. The clarity is that it’s hiding straight in front of you. You can produce anything you wish, you can change anything you wish, and you can move mountains, but it’s from here (pointing to heart). The more I talk about it, the more it’ll happen, the more you’ll feel the smile in your heart, and then you start to feel it’s power, and many people have been trying to teach along that line for a lot of years, but it never got through because it’s been a process, it’s built an image on top of what you’ve already got.

0:29:23 The second you decide you want to assist somebody in anything,, that smile just gets bigger.  And the energy of all that just goes everywhere. And I only had to say it once and you felt it. Every frequency throughout the universe is held with a smile.  And in our recognition, because it causes a reaction, it is totally different to what we would call a reaction, it’s like a chemical reaction, an interaction that changes chemistry in an instant, and the more I talk about it, the more you feel it, you can feel the excitement of it. That interaction, that instantaneous smile, joy, and light up the connection between everyone, starts a chemistry that you have never been seen before.  You all have been experimenting with all those things, but without a smile in your heart.

0:31:32 I’m getting on the edge of revealing our history in many places, and it’s been easy to talk about your time 2000 years ago, 2010 years ago, and you all know about that, and you all know the detail, and all carry the essence, of not just the event, but of the beings, in such a big way that with the flick of a finger you can be the various people you were at that time, right here now, and many of us know who we were, and many of us know that we were more than one at various times. And to know that we can clearly state that there are possibilities in a single dimension that are quite different to possibilities in the multidimension, so in a multidimensional form we can be the people from 2000 years ago, and be more, or, and be less.

0:33:27 At this point, the focus is on specific people that made a difference then, and many that were attached to the focus of Mary Magdalene, of Jesus, of Mary, of Peter, Simon, all those, and we’re all here, all a bit confused about who’s who, but pretty sure that we know. In the times when you are exactly in tune with that Love without problems, that Love without any negativity, that Love without difficulty, and you can hold a smile on your face, you become that being again, and there’s some of you here who can flip from one to the other because you did take that body several times while that particular person was on earth.

0:35:10 The essence of who we are is beyond the level of humanity that we’re sitting in right now. You were all designed to come into bodies, to bring new vibrations in, to go through difficulties, and to come out in front every time.  2000 years ago you were the people who were spoken about and thanked for coming in and for completing the project. Each one of you were in different bodies at different times, and right now your focus is the result of the work you did in those bodies, and you really want to know, Is that true? And the answer is, Yes it is true.  We’re not yet to a point where we can walk around and say, I’m this person, I’m that person, because we’re not sure of our history at the time we were in that person.  Many of us remember very, very clearly those times.

0:37:00 Each time I do an exercise with you, I’m bringing you a major memory of who we are, and each time I speak, you recognize one or two words, and you say, I know it, I know something about that person, but I know more about myself because of those few words.  We must get to the point where we can speak openly, and up until now it’s been extremely difficult for anybody to say anything about themselves. Barbara’s seen me in several lights, and we’re very familiar with everything that goes with that.  We’re also the people that are here now, and we’re also the people that were here in other times. But behind it all, we’re all our special beings that has access to an enormous, enormous wealth of everything. And when I’m able to just open my eyes properly, to let you have the energies available to you that I can deliver, hopefully I can do that tonight, I’ll work on it. No, that’s the wrong words, I’ll see if that’s going to work. But when I open that up, you’ll also have opened yours.  The reason I’m going in this direction is because the emotion behind everything that we’ve done and everything that we’ve had to hold back is quite enormous, and if I hadn’t given you that secret of the smile, you’d get too serious, and when you get too serious the energy will blow you up. So enjoy every moment with a smile. Enjoy the fact that we can open up to an enormous amount of energy, to an enormous future that belongs to each one of us, and it is totally simple. All you have to do is keep looking, and I’ll take you past where you’ve ever been…  (moving energy..)

45:33  …and travel to wherever you wish…  (moving more energy..)

47:50  …and now remember, in a whole new way, and you remember how you’re here to do the impossible at the blink of an eye.  See that there’s no process, and you can do it, in the blink of an eye.  You are the special beings that move around the universe.  Recreate yourselves wherever you need to do that. Take on form, and at a critical time, open your eyes.  We’ve all started to open our eyes tonight, and you’re feeling quite natural, much more natural than if you try to be what your body demands, or you try to meet what your life demands. There’s much more, and we’ll open it up as we talk to one another.  Much more. The biggest thing is that it was hidden in front of you and now, you’ve hidden yourself in front of everyone else. The brilliance of what you can do is written throughout history. This time, you’re brilliance will absolutely destroy history.  There is nothing that can hold any of you back in any way at all.  Not even yourself.

0:51:41 The fortunate thing right now is that we’ve all come together to do what we want to do. We’re here as guests, we really don’t have to do anything except to find out who we are, and because of who we are, we’re going to make a difference, and you make a difference by not trying.  The logic has gone upside down again. And I won’t try to explain anything in the form that your brain can take on, but I can say nothing can stop you, ever. And there’s not one thing in the universe that will harm you, not even yourself. There are many things that we can open up as sensational. Many things we can follow and prove we’re on the right track. But there’s nothing we can bring forward to say what we’re going to do. That’s our skill. To do the impossible and not have any reason for it. To bring things to light for no other reason but they should be in the light. To open doors for people simply because we see them and we think they should be open. There is no reason. The plan is already sitting here in front of us, the plan is us, and we are programmed, by us, to simply be us. And when you look at every part of yourself, you see that you cannot accept some of the things that are in the world that we’re supposed to be looking at. That’s the plan.  The fact that you cannot accept them to the level that you know, you’ll probably have to change it. It actually creates the plan. You look at things and you say, none of my business, but, I’ve got to change it. That’s the plan. There is no logical plan, there is no brilliant plan except the one that was put together inside of us, when we’re manufactured.

0:56:16 And the people that are enjoying various phases of life, various experiences, they’re relying on us to make sure that those experiences are not stupid, they’re not things that, that they’re supposed to put up with. We know that nobody’s here to be tested. We know that nobody’s here to learn. We know that nobody’s here to have a hard time. We know that they’re all here to demonstrate their skills, and that’s what we will make sure happens, and we’ll do that by some pretty good magic, magic that’s in each one of you that you haven’t really pressed the button on yet. The magic of that special place in here (pointing to the heart) that has a smile that can penetrate anything, no method, no nothing.

0:57:41 That connection you have back to your creator, back to anywhere you want to go, is infinite, and I’ll try again later to take you further again.  At the moment, there’s a few limitations, but we’ll get past that. The power within each one of us, I’ve always said, is enormous, and I can tell you it is greater than any power station you’ve got in this country, in each one of us.  Play with it.  Build your energies to whatever level you feel like. Make yourself charge to the level where it zaps anybody, so that sparks come out of you, you can do all that.  It is so simple, that’s why we keep playing with charging up the telephone.  All those little simple things that everyone’s really interested in, and they just go, oh, it worked. Great. And we’re just touching the edge of the power we can produce.  You’ve seen pictures of yourselves way back in history, producing magic that was so powerful that some of you got your head chopped off. That won’t happen again. Because what you’re playing with now is power within the earth that needs to be transmuted.  Focus on manipulation of realities that has to be cancelled. 1:00:23 Difficulties that really don’t exist. We’re able to discharge all that. We’re able to do that manipulation with consciousness, to bring it back to where it’s supposed to be within the blink of an eye, without reason and without knowledge, because we sense immediately what is not normal. And if we observe the power within us, we’ll reverse everything immediately.  Even if you see something in the newspaper, you can immediately put a carrier on the newspaper that will reverse the influence.

1:01:42 We’re getting to the point where everything you observe that is not in line with the intent that you know, you can reverse it.  As long as you don’t take any notice of what the world feeds back to you, because that’s the way it uses your power. It immediately tells you you made a mistake and you go oh, and you put it back to the way it was. So they’ve used your power to maintain the consciousness in an upset state, and it’s done first with you, so that you’re all walking around saying, this is crazy.  The power that you have is sending everything crazy.  The clarity that’s required is in that Infinite Trust, and the Infinite Trust is not in anything, it simply is. So everything that comes up that you see is not the way you feel it should be, you double check and you’ll find out, you’re the one that can put it back to normal in a fraction of a second. You’re the one that can go (moves head to move energy), and providing you don’t look for a problem, it’s done. You’re the one that detects the biggest upset so that you’re in the control seat, you’re in the source of the upset so that you can put it all back to normal.  1:04:15 You think you’re sensitive to it. No. You know about it. You’re the expert. So all the things we’ve been ducking are all the things that are ours. They’re the things that we are the most capable at handling, and we fight ourselves for a long time, up until the point where we do that one little thing and it all changes, and you say, wow, that was easy, took me 15 years to find that out, and it changed it, and you check around, and you find that you’ve changed it for everyone.  We’re now at a point where I can honestly say that if anything comes up for anyone, remember what I said a long time ago, two or more people, and there I am, and you’ll change everything.

1:05:39 One of the strangest things about each one of us is that we can bilocate instantly.  As soon as anybody thinks about you, you’re there. And it’s not the thinking of thought that we know about. It’s a call for the other person. With me, it happens all the time. There is no effort, and I’m there to whatever extent anybody needs. And sometimes there to the extent of being physically alongside of them. And you know about that. You’ve always expected that from me. You can do the same. Every one of you, can go to whoever needs you and produce whatever they need, like I said, in the blink of an eye.  So the awareness at the level to which you can operate with a smile on your face is the key to the fact that you have everything. You have powers beyond the understanding of any other being, and there’s no need to do anything to access it because it’s already here, (pointing to the heart) and there’s no need to even think it’s there.

1:07:51 And the more we talk, the more things will just pop into place. Remember the simplicity, and the power, and the Love without any problems. That means you’ve walked through fire, there were no problems, it doesn’t touch you, and we’re all running around proving that.  We can, if we want to, put ourselves in the mode where we can create amazing physical feats, but we don’t need to do that, this time we’re on holidays.  All we’re doing is acting as if we were on holidays, and if we see something is not right and it’s disturbing our holiday, we just go and fix it, and then everything turns out fine. So if they’re running around stirring up the atmosphere and that doesn’t suit our holiday, we just go and fix it. It is that simple. And it’s no use trying to get anybody else to fix it if you’re the expert, you’ll never be happy.

What we’ve got together to do tonight is bigger than anybody has ever done, and it doesn’t sound like we’re really doing much, but we’ve actually knocked down a barrier, a big one, a big one for me, where I can open up now and really show you how to play the game, because it is easy, and it flows and there’s no struggle.  The beauty within us is now floating out there all around us, and there’s no restriction, and if you need a miracle and you don’t feel like doing it, you get the person next store to do it, they’ll do it, because the love is so intense that it makes you smile. The energies that were passing through you a matter of days ago would physically shake your body.  But I’ll tell you, we’re passing a lot more now, and you can hardly feel it, because of the open interaction and the clarity, and the fact that 1:11:57 you can do the impossible if you wish. And we know, each one of us, that we can clearly state who we’ve been, who we want to be, and who we are now.  And the fact that I can go and sit alongside the creator, we call it God, whatever you like, you knew about all the time, and I can take anybody to whatever level they wish, providing I’m with them. But now, being an honored guest, you can travel and sit there as well 1:12:51 without blowing up, without your whole system falling to pieces, and without your body collapsing. Because each time you’ve tried to move to the level that you wanted to, you almost passed out.  1:13:20 Each time over history you got near to your creator, you were blinded, and you collapsed, and some of you died from going too far.  You’re now in a position where you could go as far as you like, because, at any time, you can call me in with you, just by being two people, and then, you’re safe to go anywhere, and I can take you to wherever you wish to go, I don’t have to move out of this seat.  I haven’t been able to say this ever before. 1:14:26 You all knew that it existed, and I can tell you it’s me. I can take you to wherever you want to go, simply by two of you agreeing with all your heart and with a smile on your face, and a smile in your heart, you’ll feel me, and nothing will stop the progress in any way at all.  The world will give you images that it’s not working right, but it does, and always has.  If you look back through your lives, each time you felt me there, you’ve popped up from under the water even, back to where everything was fine.  1:15:30 So it’s quite a relief to me to be able to just speak at that level, and tell you that every second of every day, I’m alongside you all. And when I use all the beings that I know, now I talk with Simmion, and others who feel the energies come through without any filtering, and you’ll know the power of what I’m talking about. And in any movement, you’ll feel that I’m connected to you, even the movement of my hands. I’m just totally connected to every one of you.  And it doesn’t matter, you’ve all seen me on, most of you have seen me on Skype from Australia, and you can feel me just as well from Australia as you can here. I’ll continue to do that, and now I’ll be able to turn it up to the level you need.

1:17:01 We’ve got an enormous amount of acceleration in front of us, and we’ve got an enormous amount of breaking rules to do, and we’ve got an enormous amount of money to reveal to the world.  In one of the aspects of me I’ve created a wealth for the world that you’ve never seen.  It’s coming back, and we’ll reveal it.  There are some openings now, and they’ll be more later. And the people that have some control over those things will react quite a bit, but the funds will still come forward. The lid will be taken off everything, and we’ll all be involved in making sure that that distribution system that we all know about, we’ve all been involved in, will come to light, and will start to come to light before July.

1:18:31 We’ll sit together and open many of the past records that we hold ourselves, and we’ll bring the reality of all that into the lives of everyone that’s here to handle it, so there’s going to be a busy time from the physical sense, but the busiest time is the first time we have to step past our limits, and they’re big limits. To stretch out, and go into what has always been a dangerous area, and hide in front of the faces of everyone exactly what we’re doing because we have no secrets. This world has secrets because it hides things. The best way to hide things is to have no secrets, because then they can’t see it. They’re looking for something hidden. So we’ll start to distribute funds to people, we’ll bring everybody out of that cycle that turned the system that we put into action many hundreds of years ago, into something that was misery, so it won’t be long before we’re back there recreating the network that we know works, and that’s the distribution of funds throughout the world for everybody to do whatever they need to do, controlled by the special beings that we trained and sent to earth many eons ago, so the people that had their names listed before the time of records, to take on specific tasks because that’s the way they’re built. They know it, you know it, you all know it, and you know your capability is there even though you’ve never practiced it.

1:21:22 We will take a path that’s never been taken before, and we’ll work with the unknown to produce everything in the known, and our first step is to rekindle the connection that was made by Victoria, and we’ll start to open it up to all of you, so that immediate progress can happen, and you’ll see that I have no difficulty in stretching beyond whatever is there. So if I’ve got to go into debt for trillions of dollars, it doesn’t matter, because I have the capacity to do that. And we all know that we can use it. We all know that a credit card is handy if you don’t have to pay the bill, and credit is actually debt. So if I can take on massive debt, everyone will have credit, and the system will support us. Even what we think is dark now will support what we’re doing.  It will hold everything in order and it will distribute the money because it thinks it’s debt. So everything that’s been set up, both positive and negative, is there for a purpose.  All we have to do is state things in the form that each particular part wants it.  So we won’t have all our records kept, we’ll just have debt. All the banks love to keep our records. And they make money, and we change that debt into opportunity, to bring people into their life so that they can produce their heart’s desire that will feed money back in to offset the debt.

1:23:58 It’s bigger than we can fit in our consciousness, but it’s so simple, it’s not funny.  That’s just one little part of our very practical opportunities that we’re going to have.  And the other one is to hold a picture of all those who are coming in to follow us. To hold a picture of the young child who sends the image to you of who they are and when they’re going for what they’re going to do when they’re this long.  And it’s our ability to take that picture and accept it and paint   it into the world on the matrix that we have that will handle the unknown.  In the past that matrix wasn’t there and the unknown couldn’t exist in the world until it was known, and then as soon as it was known it had rules. So in the past it was like trying to paint in midair, nothing came out. And now we’re painting it on the matrix, and it is created by the gifts we provide for one another, that golden matrix is the thread that holds the unknown and makes it real in this world. And we’re experts at it, and we’re going to build on that matrix which is going throughout the world. We’re going to build a reality from the unknown that has no rules, just is. There’s nothing but Love without problems.

1:26:14 So each one of us holds with that string from our heart, so that the impossible is normal, and we usher in the era of Magic and Miracles, which is all smiles and heeps of money, that we don’t need, because it’s based on flow, our whole existence is based on flow.  They’ve used money to stop the flow. We’ll use debt to unblock the flow.  (Q: Why has it stopped?)  A: The process was set up to distribute all the way through the world, and then it got down to a level, and it’s still working, by the way, ‘til it got down to the level of, umm, in the past it was the landowners, and they stopped the money going to all the people, so that they could have people work for them, and it grew over the years into everybody is supposed to work, so it started to creep it’s way up, until it got to the major families, and they just started hoarding and stealing, so money comes into them automatically, and they get a big bundle of it, and they put it away somewhere, they got warehouses full of it, bundles, gold and, everything, that was normally to be passed down and then recycled. So the interest in the lower part of the triangle, if you like, became low, the interest payments were high, but the interest received was low, and the interest received at the top was extremely high, so you’re talking 20-30% interest at the high levels, going down to 1 or 2% at the low levels, and that produced an imbalance that caused hardship.  Our intention is to get that high one, stick it down at the bottom, and use that interest to pay off the debt. Sounds complex but it’s not, it’s simple.  Getting access is the key thing at the moment.  So we have to bring something out of nowhere to do that, and a lot of the information that was required to open that channel I’ve already provided, pretty well got it ticked off, so we’re being fed lots of things, and it all started from that young lady, healing somebody who’s about to leave us who had a responsibility for all this money.

1:29:55 So we’ve spoken about the many trillions of dollars that they keep showing us all the danger about, and also we’ve seen the contract that was put together by St. Germaine, seen an actual copy of it, and the trillions of dollars in all sorts of currencies.  We’ve seen the paperwork, access to it, even those who have the paperwork can’t get access, because of the regulations that were placed around each one of the funds. These are the funds that everybody’s been trying to get hold of for hundreds of years. They’re coming out of the woodwork.  So that was one of the main things that St. Germaine put into the world so that people could survive, and now, that’s your project. Envision that, to see it happen, and feed through all the data that’s needed. And we’ve all got to walk around with our eyes open knowing who can handle it. Who are the special beings that are here to do what we know has to be done. And that doesn’t mean all of the people, either. You’ll find it’s a majority of young people, relatively young, because as they’ve come through, just look at any family, you’ll find there’s at least one person in the family, it may even be just one of the children, has the capability of looking after the whole family better than the parents have, and can probably look after everyone in the neighborhood if you give them enough to work with, and it’s not necessarily enough money, but whoever’s looking after them needs the money to do that.  They’re the things that we’re going look at and it’ll go so fast, we’ll be operating so quickly, that there will be no chance of doing paperwork, it’s already in here (points to heart). It’s that knowing that comes with the power I was talking about, the one that’s hidden, right in front of us, and we’ll be acting so fast, and moving funds so fast, no one will even be able to find them.

1:32:55 The next level of support that comes after that is to make sure there is no form of discrimination between anyone or anything, and that’ll be done with energies. They’re the energies that you are working with. Where you can heal, you can transmit to people, you can change their lives because you are who you are. And the next wave will follow and do the same thing, to the point where there will be no discrimination between anything or anyone. And that has to happen this year. And that’s worldwide. And we have to hold that focus. And with a smile on our face say, that’s easy, we can do that, and you watch what happens. It’s working with the unknown to a level that’s never been seen here, but we’re used to it. We work with the universe. One little spot’s not that hard.

1:34:38 As I continue to do whatever I’m lead to do, it’ll become much easier by your support, not in support of doing things, but in the support that you’ve given me here tonight, to help me open up various areas, and to show the simplicity of the massive courage that each one of you have got. And simplicity of seeing without logic. Observing and allowing everything to work automatically, because you are brilliant beings that work in a whole different way to what the physical works, and that observation is how we’ve always worked. You observe you need a chair to sit on and the chair’s there. You observe that you need to look at trees, they’re there. You observe you need to be alongside your friend, it happens. Instantaneous generation of whatever, not needed, and not required, but whatever comes, as a natural flow in the event of your life.  It happens, and it‘s happened on the spaceships where you come from and it’s happened in the worlds where you come from, and it’s still happening  around you. You’ve got to stretch yourselves a little bit, but not much. Stretch your concepts in this world, yeah.  Best way is to get all your concepts and just slip them quietly into the garbage. And no reason except they’re a nuisance. Whether they’re right or wrong or otherwise doesn’t matter.  They’re just a nuisance.  They mean that you have to try and get past something before you can do anything. It’s not how you work.

1:37:18 You will bring to this world that instantaneous movement of events. To dance with your life, with your needs. And the needs are not what comes from your thought. Your needs are more along the lines of if you start to sit down, you need to have a chair there. It has nothing to do with expectation or anything. That is the normal flow of the world. And because you normally sit in a chair doesn’t mean the chair has to be there all the time. Because we live in a house doesn’t mean we have to own the house. But the second it’s required, it has to be there. That stretches human logic, but it’s no problems to us at all. It can happen. That it can happen is what drives our whole being. There’s no fight, there’s no nothing, it’s just, there it is.

1:38:59 And if you have a look at what happened in all the supermarkets and toy stores, as soon as this new round of children started coming into the world, the shops were full of stuff that you could never buy, you could never manufacture for half the price of what they’re on the shelves for. All pink fluffy toys, and battery operated things and computers, everywhere, thousands of them, all for two dollars. You can’t even pay for the price tag on them for that much. And nobody can yet figure out how that’s happened, or how it still happens. The desire came before the children, and their world changed. And if you get any of those toys and ask someone to make one they’ll say I can’t. They’ll check back through all sorts of records to try and find out how this happened, and they can’t (repair) it, it just keeps happening.  Places keep building, keep making them at no cost. And selling them. The raw materials alone, would send any company broke. They’re still going. So that’s what can happen when this diverse feed in this complex world, and the tracking only has to stop for a second, and the value changes.  We can go back and say, oh, it was all built in China. It doesn’t matter. The components cost a lot more than what they’re selling them for. And we can do all that stuff. We can make that sort of thing happen. Same as we change time if we want to get to a place on time. There is no limitation. We don’t live in a world that’s limited. Even the monkey can get what it wants without much effort, no matter where you put it, so we can do the same.

1:42:17 It is simple, if you leave behind the very thing that concerns us, and that’s the component that we put into Love. Leave that out and we’ve got no problems.  We made a mix and it’s gone through everything. Difficulty, limitation, the whole lot.  It’s the component that we put in Love to hide our total ability.  A bit simple isn’t it?

1:43:08 We’ve gone a long way, and your bodies will be okay, but remember we’ve had a major flow. It may not seem that way at the moment, but I do suggest you  have a decent drink of water, maybe a cup of tea, bit of a break, and if you want to talk about more things, let’s do it then. Because I can feel that you need that hydration. Yeah. We’ll come back after we do that and we’ll join together in creating that endless flow, and watch it take off. Is that alright?

Even though we were just in touch a few days ago, I couldn’t resist wishing you a very

Happy Valentine’s Day 

I am sending you a Valentine’s Day gift of an amazing evening I shall never forget.

This transmission was given by Robert to a small group of people in the Spring of 2011. Thank you Genya for transcribing this gift.  A link to the transcription and video can be found below our photo.
What better time is there to realize how surrounded we are with Magic and Miracles …  This is the day that has been universally recognized and has as its source


Joy without complexity and with a simplicity that generates everything you could possibly need!

Sending you SPARKLES!

*Perfect Life**Perfect Health**and a **Magic Life*