Look at Where We Are


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Good Morning, this is Simmion coming to you from the outer reaches of the universe bringing you energies to support your day and to take you further into the world of your creator.

In this New Year, there is a quality of unspoken brilliance that can be felt and lived with certainty.  This has never been available in the world and it now carries the field of every person to new heights to bring health and happiness and all the other mysteries of the physical world into a reality that has never existed before.

As the day progresses, you will understand more of what this means and the feeling will not be isolated to something you can describe.  It will effect everything in your life.  The ease with which you move and the ease with which your mind develops will be not just felt but will be part of your full experience and will really be the major part of your life.

The continuous awareness of the excellence of everything will bring amazement into your heart and all the restrictions to the love that you have for everyone will fall away through lack of support.

There is no reason anymore to hold back the enormous flow of love that you have for the world and its inhabitants and everyone will know that this is the time that they have always held in their heart and the expectation will come alive and create a reality that has no more needs.

Open to everything and doubt nothing and all the gifts of your creator will appear in your life immediately.

Feel the essence and know that you are part of it and allow yourself to expand to take on the new format of your being as it steps into the New Age and takes up its position for the future.

Love one another and enjoy this amazing time and remember I am with you always.

You loving friend,   Simmion

As we move across the sky and enter the New World, there is a crispness and an awareness that greets us and escorts us to the limits of our capacity.
We are being adorned with the “new” and filled with excitement to support us during our move into the new reality.

Our experience is unique and without name or detail, we progress beyond our capacity into the limitless protection of our own elegance and stand in a world that cannot be described.

Our hearts are open and our minds are pure as we watch and absorb what seems to be nothing in a continuous movement of obvious harmony.

In a flash, we are in a New World and all reference to the past is gone. Time no longer leaves its mark and events no longer pave the way of our future.
We are home …


  Happy New Year!
Love and Harmony,

Barbara and Robert

We wish you … *Perfect Life*  *Perfect Health*  *and a *  *Magic Future*