Heed Your Signals 4.23.18

There is nothing more important than the signal that tells you to proceed with something that is out of your perceived flow. To go ahead with your present direction, is to neglect the very thing that is holding you on the correct path. The result of neglect is disaster in one way or another. It is not necessarily obvious but it will occur even if it is instigated by someone else. You are writing now because you neglected to do so when the signal was fresh, and as a result there was nothing you could do about the disturbance that occurred out of nowhere. Although the disturbance has no real value it has served its purpose and you are doing what you needed to do when you woke this morning.
The content of what you write is not important but the channels you need available to you each day are opened every time you write. Without this continuous communication you are subject to the flow that is delivered by the general feeling of the difficulties generated in the world. Continue to write and you will be subject to nothing but your own brilliance, and the magic and miracles you bring to the world.
There are no rules when it comes to the communication you experience with your creator but there is a factor that must be taken into consideration. You are open to all sorts of manipulative influences whenever you are not in the flow that is generated by your writing. This is obvious when you feel disruption without reason, but it is not obvious when you have nothing to cause disruption because there is no interaction to cause reaction. At all times there is something wrong if you are not totally connected to your creator and for you, this means you are in trouble as soon as you listen to your mind and act as if you are subject to reason that is generated by your daily experiences. You are not able to live the same as others and you must know beyond a doubt that nothing works if you take on the role of a normal person.
With all this in mind you will now proceed as you would if you had written this morning. There is nothing to be concerned about or to be vigilant about, but the signals that come from your source. It is not necessary to write every day but it is necessary to write when you get the signal to do so. Do not set a pattern but never be surprised if it seems like you are fitting into a pattern that is controlled from somewhere else. Your field will change from time to time and you will understand that you need to write so that there is a change in the transmission and the connection that you are to experience.
There is no need to pass this on to anyone but it will still hold a special message if you do. All that is said is for everyone even though it is directed at you, and all that is received will determine what is needed for each person in the next moment.