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Giving Thanks

“This is really incredible!! I am blown away…and Robert has done it…WOW!…people can talk, but Robert is actually doing it…Thank you so much Robert!…and Thank you Barbara for sharing this moment with all of us…if this is possible, imagine all the possibilities…this breakthrough changes everything!” – Alex

Hello Everyone,

We received the above message just this morning; what Alex is referring to is the lamp (picture) which is powered by PLASMA AND HAS BEEN “ON” SINCE TWO DAYS AGO! (Nothing plugged into a wall socket!)

Robert has been involved with “Beyond Technology” for a long time. We have been told that Robert has come bearing many gifts from other worlds…….and there are more! Just now, Robert went out to his workshop for an added test……he plugged in a fan AND IT IS RUNNING WITH THE LAMP!

For those of you who are interested, we have been watching Mehran Keshe for several weeks ( He wants to bring peace to the world through technology and has given “Free energy devices” to every country. He speaks of plasma and nano-coating copper to capture CO2 from the air.

Robert took these concepts, added his 50+ years of being a master electrical engineer and made his own device.
I can’t wait to witness and share what is coming next!!

This is just the beginning!


May every day bring you Magic and Miracles to be thankful for.

Love and Harmony,


We wish you *Perfect Life, Perfect Health and a Magic Future!*