Advance Your Capacity

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As the energies build you will notice a growing need for the elevation of your activities. This will follow the sequence of changes that happen around your daily life sequence and then you will find another outlet for continued activity in your life. All this will be as calm and natural as you can imagine and you will than notice that you are following a different path without being able to determine what made the change.

This exciting process will come and go and make itself known from time to time but it will not even come into focus in real terms. Your main focus is the building of universal energy in and around your body to facilitate all that has been explained as the necessary nourishment and support of your being in the physical world.

Your process of writing will contain much more than it has in the past and you will be able to proceed with no load on your life or your stamina. Every time we speak there will be a natural advancement in all areas and as the conversation manages to open the critical channels to your origin, you will consume the special energies that have been provided for your support. This may require some explanation from time to time but for now it is simply a part of the conversation and holds nothing but the observation that is needed to introduce its reality.

As we progress in the area of new aspects of life itself, we can observe that this is the time for your complete development and there is no time to spend on other remote possibilities. You are both the product and the recipient and as such you are the subject of every movement and every support that can be developed. There is no other explanation and no matter what you may need, it will be provided so that you are made ready for the movement that you alone can instigate.

In the middle of all that is happening at the moment, you will be encouraged to advance your capacity for many things and that will include the movement of your body to achieve the unique movements that enables it to support the Magic that it is capable of performing. The reorganization of your house has defined different areas for different purposes and the main room is now clear for the process of your development in both technical and physical matters. Communication will increase and you will know more about what it is needed as you deliver the outcome of your energy field to your physical life.

As you see what is happening to your stamina, you will look further and show yourself the true results of your electrical charge. The meaning of energy will change and there will be much more for everyone to talk about. The constant use of the word energy and the reference to the energies has allowed the newness to disappear into a generalization that is not even considered any more. You are about to open the real world of energy once again by renewing the physical charge that goes with your energy and exposing it to the world on a daily basis.

The purpose of all this movement is sometimes hidden to your reality and it is for this purpose that your reality is being reorganised in subtle ways to bring you to a new realisation and a new flow that can change every step of your life and bring rewards that you have forgotten in the flow of your present life.

Everything you know and everything you have provided for others will now come together and demonstrate itself in your physical being and in your life. What becomes of the experience and its recording is yet to be revealed but you are not to be concerned with how this works even when you see it developing in front of you. There is one picture that comes regularly and that is the idea bursting into reality in a ball of golden light that blanks out everything in your visible field and declares itself the new reality of your life. This picture will form once again and take you on a journey that is new and exciting to say the least. You will be driven by something that has no reason and is so strong that nothing can release it from your destiny. All this is what has been predicted and your training up until now has been for the purposes of releasing you from society and allowing you to rekindle a life that has no real purpose except to demonstrate what can be done for you.

Our conversation became a declaration and here you are in the middle of a revelation that is in some ways logical but in general a real mystery to everyone but you. Listen to your own music and you will know exactly what is to happen and where you are heading. All the changes that you see will happen and you will have no idea how they managed to creep into your life without you seeing then coming. It is simple, you are seeing them now and that is all that is needed to start the Miracles in motion and allow them to appear at the time when they are most needed.

The first move you made towards changing direction was the purchase of a 3D printer and that has allowed you to demonstrate something that is outside of the regular everyday flow that has been developed around you. The next thing was the development of some real 3D objects and the progress into 3D design. The most significant moves since then have been the clarity of finance and the creation of an office in the front of your house. All these have changed the face of your life and now in the background many new developments are taking place.

We have indicated the obvious to show you that movement is happening in a real way and there has been no plan to determine what comes next. Your logic can project many more moves and you can determine what would be a good move now but this is not how it is to happen. Even when we talk about something happening it is not the described reality that turns up and makes the change. It is something totally different that is tied into the actions of a multidimensional world that produces much more than can be determined by logic. This is your influence and you will see that it is always instigated by you even if it is suggested by someone else. Wait for these special times and step on board as the event presents itself right in front of you. Know the freedom of working with the active energies and allowing the formation of events that are tested and proven in other worlds to come to life at the exact time when you are ready to take advantage.

This day has opened many new directions that are able to support your future but there is nothing that is more important than you knowing that you are being recharged to the extent where you will be felt before you are seen. This is to continue and the outcome will not even be understood until it is found to be a reality and a necessity for your normal operation.

The focus on your physical condition will continue until your body has changed form and allowed itself to support you for many more years than its original program. There is a new picture available that will come to you regularly and cause a change that will eventually bring about a permanent change and fulfil the expectations that have been prevalent in your mind from the very beginning. Your concentrated effort to bring your body into line with your new being will begin once again and no matter what may seem to be a limitation it will disappear before it reaches the beginning of its journey.

At this time you seem to be running out of conversation but the momentum is building towards something that has no identity. The importance of continuing is obvious and there will be no opportunity to stop at this time. Where we are going is not obvious but there is a new feeling of knowing that has not yet surfaced to where it can be addressed. The truth however is that it must have surfaced to be able to attract your attention. This is the very point of what we are feeling. It is here but we are not seeing it. To get past this point seems to be impossible but that means we are on its tail and the impossible signal is being sent out to divert our efforts. Here we are and all that is needed is a broadening of our intention. There is nothing that can get past your vision if you allow yourself to see everything at once. The most important thing will stand out and you will know where you are and what you are looking at. That is it! You are part of the world and part of nature itself and your connection to the earth and the trees will amplify the gifts of your creator and bring the charge into your body at a rate that is considerably more than you are feeling now. Your private time in nature will present a new element and you will find exactly what you want without knowing a thing about it.

Let us take this opportunity to present another aspect of your life and look at the brilliance of your abilities in the area of distant viewing and communicating. There is a need for your talent in everyone’s life and you will be able to concentrate in this area as we talk again in the future.

Until then …