A Broadened Focus 11.7.17

As you step into the middle of the massive flow which is now available for you to explore, you will notice that all the factors surrounding your actions are beyond anything you have ever known. This is a little daunting to your control system and it tends to send your mind into a familiar downward spiral in an attempt to lose some altitude and gain control. Control however, is not achieved and the resulting simplicity of staying with the flow becomes so obvious that stability is achieved without the need for control. Going with the flow is a natural way of being, and as the flow increases the skill factor rises to where it has to be automatic and beyond all sense of conscious control. This is where your super computer comes into full action and a sense of great freedom enters your life.
The brilliance of your being is impressive but nothing compares with the thrill of feeling it take over what you have known as life, and turn it into a dynamic dance of miracle after miracle, in what seems to be a barrage of impossible events and situations.

We have achieved a level of advancement that conditions us for further adventure and achieves the impossible on a regular basis. The pace is so familiar that we feel lost when it seems to drop off for any reason, and our focus comes back to where we feel “in control”, only to be tipped on our head once again by the massive turbulence caused by the anchor called “control”. In fact the pace never drops off and the acceleration continues. It is our sense of activity that changes, and our acceptance of a perfectly smooth flow sometimes sums up to a false assessment that we are doing nothing, in the face of some impossible situation. If you bring your focus to the immediate surroundings and neglect the overall situation you will not appreciate that you are moving ahead, even though everything in your immediate vicinity is almost standing still. You can focus on something when you are riding in a car, but you will not appreciate the ride unless you broaden your focus and sometimes look out the window. This broadened focus ensures that you do not step outside the car when it is in motion, as you often do when you step out of the flow in normal life.

There are many facilities available to all of us to make things easy but the obvious factor that has never been included is the fact that in real terms, nothing is difficult if we go with the flow and follow our spirit, and many of the tasks that appear difficult are not necessary for our existence in the world. All that we do comes to us as we need to become active, and all the energies and facilities needed are found in a hidden package that bursts into life as we take the first step in any particular activity. For this reason, it is reasonable to forget about your conditioning and look forward to the regular bursts of energy and capability that come to you when and where they are needed. In this way, our lives will become miraculous and our experiences will be new and exciting without the need to make things easy.