Something New 8.19.17


Now that you are back in the flow of life, there are many new things that will come into your field. This is a time for continuous “conscious” connection to your origin and to the physical world all at the same time. Your connection to either place can be broken easily at this time and you will be left wondering how you can survive. As everything in the universe realigns you need to stay “conscious” so that part of you will not be lost in the confusion of the moment. This is not a dangerous situation but rather disconcerting when your physical form has difficulty connecting to your being or your control system goes wild because it has become partially disconnected. You have the power to pull everything into line but a simple reminder to be aware of both connections at the same time will keep everything balanced and in tune.

To write about this at the moment is as important as remaining conscious, as it closes the gap for everyone and allows the experience to be minute compared to what could happen during the alignment. We have been in contact with you directly for some days now and you have felt like you had no reason to be distracted by writing. This has been a perfect move but now the flow can continue and all the aspects of the future can be captured from your field and placed on the page for everyone to experience.

The ability of any one person to capture the future and bring it into the physical world has been demonstrated on many occasions but your ability surpasses all when it comes to bringing something completely new into existence. There seems to be no limit once you see what you can feel. Today we are helping you see past the physical representation and into the real world that is normally not available from the physical plane. To do this we will disturb your writing from time to time and allow you to reset some of the fixed images that appear as you write. There is a need for clarity that is not part of the everyday world and you need to reconnect to that clarity by a sequence of unexpected disturbances.

Listening and writing the simple sequence of words that we now deliver, will allow the clarity to grow and your total disconnection from the content of the writing. All this is a new thing but it has a familiarity that must be cleared to allow you to take on something new. All the content is new and not at all familiar, so the field that holds your old pictures needs to be put to one side for a moment. Once you feel the flow of something different we can continue, but for now all you need to do is write what comes to you and think of nothing but the writing process.

It is time for you to take on something new and to allow it to fit into your everyday life. It will seem like nothing has changed but it will soon become obvious that everything has changed and you will now be able to demonstrate what you have never been able to do in the physical world. All that is coming to you is new and no longer familiar. This is an important difference that has to be seen clearly so that you will look past anything that is familiar. Every moment is different but there has always been some form of recognition that you could follow to keep you on a path that felt comfortable. This has to be removed or you will never look for anything that is outside of your recognition field. We are all moving into areas that are not familiar and there is a need to recalibrate everything to allow the “totally new” to be made clear.

There are many phases of life that are not so clear to everyone but the phase of life that we are opening is not even available to anyone at this point. What is contained in the words must be seen clearly and understood with the intelligence that it contains. You must be prepared to see what you have never seen before and know that no other person has even had a glimpse of what you will see. It will not be familiar and you will not know what you are looking at or what to make of it. It will be up to us to give you the intelligence that is needed and to assist you to bring it into the physical without changing its format to make it comparable to other things.
As you can see the task is enormous but necessary to bring the physical world to another level of advancement. The power of each person will be harnessed in the future and you will be in a position to make that power work for them. This is not a theory and not anything you have any idea about. It is new and extremely advantageous to humanity. You will be directly involved in using the power that is beyond every person’s capability at the moment. Once again, there is no comparison to anything you know or can imagine at the moment.

All the flow that is available to you will now be increased so that you are able to advance past the restraints of physicality. This will cause you to forget many things but you will have access to more than you ever have in the past. It is important that you understand you need access rather than knowledge. Access to anything and everything is what it is about. Knowledge only brings you what you already know. At this point you are being disturbed for a good reason and all that you need to do is write without even caring what is flowing through your fingers. Analysis is not needed and clarity will come as soon as you see that with super intelligence there can be no confusion.

We are about to lift you to another plane where you will be able to work at a higher rate and with little disturbance. This is something that is familiar but the purpose is not to make things familiar. You need clarity to the extent that you will be reloaded in the physical form so that you have no other focus but the unknown in its true form. Continue to look and listen and you will soon know that everything has changed. Your interests have been gradually changing to enhance your presentations and now they will change completely to accommodate what has never been experienced in the physical plane.

As you write there is nothing that makes a lot of logical sense but there is a growing understanding that there needs to be a major step in some direction to allow your new reality to take its place and the unknown to come forward without comparison to the past. Your engineering background allows you to facilitate unknown science and technology but now you are stepping past even the most advanced form of understanding to the acceptance of the impossible and how to make it work. Each engineering feat in the world has been achieved through the help of higher order intelligence from other worlds. This alone is beyond your reach because of secrecy or locality but what you need to see in beyond that again. You will have to surpass all limitations, including secrecy and locality to make the next move for humanity.

We are almost finished for the moment but you will be taken through whatever process is necessary to allow you to take on the task we have described. There is no need to change anything in your everyday life but you will notice it gradually change as you proceed through each day. You will see many new things, even in the physical world, but what you need to see will be delivered in packages that make no sense until we bring them together and allow you to see for yourself. Enjoy every moment and look to the stars for security so that you are not locked into the outdated ways of the world.