Let us continue with the unique conversation that goes nowhere and covers everything. In the beginning we open the various channels that are obviously ready and waiting and then we proceed to bring to light what is necessary for the smooth development of an easy conversation. The special connections with your origin now come into play and you proceed to open these unique channels, together with the enormous capacity of your presence as a majestic being. There is no need to even look as the natural development proceeds and you become something much different to what is normally understood in the world. There is a feeling of comfort and a sudden increase in transmission as your body takes hold of the energies and aligns itself with the new flow from all the dimensions and worlds that are not normally available. You are now in communication with the infinite and your creator is available in every part of your life.

Every step along the way becomes remote for a few moments and all connection to comparison falls into the background, to leave nothing of note from your old world perspective. It is at this time you are exposed to the unknown, and your system is faced with a total restructure to enable it to continue. Many things start functioning at the same time and your intelligence goes wild as it attempts to put everything in sequential order. Your multidimensional reality takes over and you start to see what you have never seen before. You are now in the world of your creator where everything is available and all possibilities exist at the one time
It is now easy to speak from another level where nothing is even familiar. The elements are always active and there is no sequence that has ever been experienced in the world or beyond. You are running free with a new vocabulary and a new way of doing everything. All this is real but beyond all known levels of reality. The comfort level is also beyond explanation, and the possibilities simply flow in and out of your experience as if they constitute a continuous movie strip. No matter where you look, you see a new set of possibilities that constitute a world totally segregated from what is attempting to appear in front of you, and you do not have to select anything. It is all available at the one time to produce multiple results that are perfect in all the different aspects of your life.

The brilliance of your being can now be seen by everyone, and the glow will take over and lead your actions as it follows your spirit through the maze of circumstances and events presented by your new flow, which is felt in the physical world.