About Robert Young

Robert’s story is vast, exciting and there is no event mentioned in which he hasn’t had a first-hand experience
as the valued, excellent engineer involved, insured and approved as a construction manager by Lloyds of
London. Robert is also a technical authority under Germanscher-Lloyd through the Australian and American Navy,
and much more.
He has taken complex situations and provided simple solutions that have saved the Australian Navy and the
American Navy millions of dollars (my favorite stories). So many lives have been changed along the way.
But that was then and now his life continues to be expansive and exciting with letters of gratitude from
all walks of life.
In addition to his international broadcasts twice a week, he and I are serving on the Board of Directors
of the International Wagner Festival, a brand new opera company with their inaugural performance
occurring in January, 2016. We also are directors of the International P.E.A.C.E. School (Peace Educational
Academy of Creative Enlightenment).
The future is arriving fast and it is all thrilling!
 Barbara Whiting-Young 
“Robert is and brings universal truth and knowing that doesn’t originate from Earth.
 He is the conduit of the source and beyond.
 Robert shares truth that just is and that your inner knowing knows it to be so.
 Unparalleled connection.”
-Tim Partenfelder
“A man for whom mere words fall short to describe.. so the best we have in this moment will have to suffice.
I can speak of my own experience..
Robert brought enormous recognition of me into this life, recognized me at first meeting four years ago, and continues to see me today as no one ever has before..
and the recognition goes both ways.
It can be described as a knowing from somewhere deep inside.  It’s a knowing that stands alone.  
No reference from anyone or anywhere else, no concepts or belief systems, just pure knowing.
So this experience is very personal, and that is where it must begin for each one who feels drawn.”
-Genya Novak

Robert is the living connection to bring you back into the World of your Creator !
To where your vision and response is always calm and precise and where there is no sense of reaction under any circumstance.
Your overall response will change and the “poor me” program will stop working almost immediately.
He came into this world to help us see past the limitations and you will feel the generation of your own vision.
Stay close to him and the power that is needed will come to you at a moment’s notice and Magic and Miracles will once again fill your life.
The best gift you can give to yourself in the whole Universe!

Elisabeth de El Sol – Where Heaven touches Earth

What would you give for one moment of being truly seen?
To feel and know that someone gets you, in the deepest places of your heart and can see all the gifts you have brought to this world?
That person is here. His name is Robert Young.
Robert has a unique ability to access the most advanced technologies of the universe and bring them into a beautiful simplicity. His love and presence inspires each one of us to access the places within that we thought were lost to us.
With the wonder of a child and the power of a Divine Being, Robert shows us how to live a life filled with clarity and adventure while being bathed in the most perfect love.
Robert shows us the way home. He brings each one of us back to our deepest knowing and reminds us of our one true connection, to Source.
His magic cannot be described…it must be experienced.
I count my life from before and after I met Robert, because that is when everything changed. Every joy I have now is because of his love and his commitment to this world. To me. And to you.
Life works and it is wonderful, because Robert brings the blueprint of perfection that is our birthright.
Heaven on earth is here, for us all. So, let’s celebrate!
-Kathleen Neff


About Barbara Whiting-Young

Barbara’s story reveals a multi-talented, outgoing and dedicated one involved in lifting others up to a better life and all the while deeply steeped in music. Born into a family of musicians, she thought it very natural to attend concerts where her uncle conducted the NBC Symphony. In fact, as a very young child visiting friends with her mother, she asked where their piano was.  Playing the piano was her greatest expression along with singing and interpretive dance.  Practice and rehearsals always led to a performance. As a member of the Fairfield County Chorale, Barbara sang the Verdi Requiem in Carnegie Hall. Walking onto that hallowed stage, she felt all the “greats” who have performed there including her grandmother and mother who both sang with the Scholar Contorum under the baton of Arturo Toscanini and her uncle Milton who was Toscanini’s assistant conductor. One night, she sang at Lincoln Center from 10pm to 5am the next morning. They sang, “The Knights of the Templar” while the audience were on cushions throughout the hall. At the end of the concert, the choir, on cue, standing in the first tier, tossed cherry blossoms out over the audience. There were many concert tours of Europe, starting with her high school choir which was invited to represent the youth of America. 

Barbara spent seven years working in two Psychiatric Centers in New York City. Program Director of the Geriatric Division at Kingsboro in Brooklyn and then Program Director of Creedmoor in Queens. Seven years equalled one hundred years of experience for Barbara. All while raising her family as a single parent and going to school at night to complete her Master’s Degree.  Private practice followed being out on compensation. All modalities were studied and put into practice but a deep connection with her clients always was best.

For many years, she belonged to a community of friends who were all involved in a spiritual teaching happening in Toronto, Canada. Many, many driving trips from New York and then Connecticut. 

Searching became the mode and there were many workshops attended and all the while she kept hearing the song, “Is That All There Is?”

While attending the first section of a workshop in Orlando, Florida, Barbara realized that the third section was one that she really wanted to take. However, there was a problem with the timing and the only location that the second section was being offered was in Australia. How crazy is that? Travel to Australia for a workshop???  Yes, five of us did just that……and my life changed!

She met Kristina who invited her to visit in New South Wales….They were in Melbourne and Barbara had no knowledge of the distance and said “Yes!” It was there that she met Robert Young. Nine months later they were married and her life truly began!