The Mystery of Life

As you start this special day there is a sense of mystery surrounding you and a feeling of expectation that something special is about to come into your life. All you can see is the future, but there is no detail of the next event that will enter your field. The mystery of life holds its place and the intense vibration of the universe floods you with possibilities beyond belief. Stay with the vibration and feel your being unfold from the long sleep that has replenished its form and given birth to the new flow that will accommodate your future.

The time has come where you are able to predict the future and see everything form up in front of you in such a way that it is a surprise and a confirmation all at the same time. The only thing left to do is to put it into practice and reveal the confidence and certainty that is part of your nature.

Each time you speak there is another layer of influence instilled in the earth and there is support for your natural abilities in every field of endeavor. As this influence grows it needs to see the action that it is capable of delivering. All the talk in the world will not produce what your influence can impart when it is turned into a fully operational part of your physical flow. See the future and incorporate it in the flow. You will quickly reveal everything you have had in front of you for some time. Your launch into the business and manufacturing world is at your fingertips.

Continue to do what you are doing and prepare everyone for a life of perfection in every way possible. At the same time you can introduce your product lines and bring your plan into reality. The entity that is growing in support will flourish and bring the big picture into play almost immediately.

Sit quietly and turn up the level of everything you know and feel, so that your world can accommodate the things that you have to bring to life. There is an extremely big leap required and it will commence almost immediately if you make room for what is to come. The magic and miracles will pour from your field and deliver everything that you see. All that is needed is your authority to proceed.