Writing 4-24-15

Now is the time for you to stand tall and allow the energies to flow without restriction. This will bring everything into line and allow the continued elevation that you know to be available to everyone. Listen to your source and you will have much more available than you have ever imagined. There is a unique flow available today that is independent of any physical influence and is filled with information that will thrill everyone. You will have the opportunity of tapping into much of this but it is for everyone to pick up for themselves and there is no need for you to pass anything on. The overall elegance of the energies that you are familiar with, can now be felt by all and there is no need to take any notice of the superficial actions of the world when you know what is really supporting everyone.

Your sense of responsibility has been tested many times and now it is being tested again. This is no longer part of your field. You have no responsibility for the needs and expectations of others and it would not be advisable for you to take on such a thing. You are a responsible being and as such you will never be asked to change that responsibility to a lower source. Continue to celebrate and lift all things to where you are able to operate freely. This will let go of the strings that are being tied to you and you will never be concerned about such forces again.
Clarity in the face of everything is all that needs to exist in your everyday world. Nothing can be clearer, than clarity and nothing can be simpler than what we are saying. From this point onward there will be intervention whenever an attempt is made to “muddy the waters” and you will not have to be exposed in any way.

The future of what you are doing in the world will now take off and form into a solid venture that cannot be stopped by anything. There will be a definite movement in every direction as you proceed and all that you need to do is talk and write. All that can be seen will come from there, even if it seems to be totally disconnected at the moment. You are dealing with functions that have no position in the world unless you are actively connected to other worlds and dimensions on a regular basis. These functions are preparing actions and circumstances that will support you and as a result provide what is necessary for the success of many other people in their own unique environment.

Your presentations will continue to move into areas that are not obvious at this time and you will break the flexible barrier that is in place in everyone’s world to limit their experience of perfection. There is no need to think about what will happen at any moment because it is always changing and there is no need to collect anything along the way. The progress can be felt and that is all that is needed. The experience of following your spirit is expansive and thrilling to say the least and there is never a time when it repeats itself in any way at all. All that you offer is captured in a single moment of flamboyance when spirit decides to let loose and present itself to the world.

Enjoy the movement of the day and you will know that we are with you every step of the way. Today is different and it will continue to thrill you as you reveal more and more of what is available to humanity.