Writing 3-1-15

In preparation for your talk today we would like you to consider the size of what you are taking on and how small today’s effort is in comparison. What you have to deliver today is enormous but nothing compared to what you have ahead of you. This is the beginning of a long and exciting future that has been waiting in the background for many years.

To prepare you for what is to come we must say that your approach today will be much different to what you have been seeing in your thoughts and the opening will not be the most important part of the discussion. The subject will build and change direction until it forms a picture in every person’s mind and reveals the future in the correct perspective. Relax and do not ever think that you will run out of things to say. The universe has been activated and you will not be left alone for a moment, so simply keep on speaking and the words will form into everything that is needed for this special occasion.

The people are ready and all that you need to do is be ready to present everything that you feel in your field no matter how relevant it may or may not seem at the time. You are working from you’re your own true perspective and people expect to be in a position where they do not understand until the transmission takes its course and brings the mystery into focus. There are many things that you have forgotten and these things will come back to you as soon as they are needed. This is the special gift that will be opened today and your flow will become something that excites everyone.

The stories you will tell are more indicative of your project than any other aspect and it is this type of enthusiasm that is needed for the advancement of the world. Be clear and all will fall into place so that there is an opportunity to build on everything you say. This is about you and what you can see for the advancement of people. There is no need to prove anything but there is a need to open your true history to the world so that you have no need to be what is considered “normal” in any way at all.

Your freedom and your simplicity will build a future for everyone and all the manipulation of the past will simply fall away and become laughable in the eyes of everyone. You are now in the driver’s seat where you belong and the enormous task that you have taken on is now within your reach. Nothing can stop it now and the acceleration will be felt as you deliver the possibilities to the people who have lined up to listen. Leave nothing out and be totally interested in the smallest of signals as they enter your active field. Everything is important and no consideration should be given to leaving anything out.

All that you have waited for can now be achieved and the actions of the world will come in tune once again to provide everything that you need. There is a hidden part of you that knows how things work and it has been kept out of your life by numerous distortions and deception to the extent where you have almost left this part behind. We are about to shine a light on these special parts and bring them back to life in one short moment.
Listen to everyone but know that you have a standard that far exceeds their known standards and all that you need to do is retain it so that you feel the fineness of your own being in a world that is ready to move but is in need of an explanation for everything. Remove that need for explanation and you will find a new place for yourself in the world.